#StayHome, and Keep Dreaming of Travel with these Belize Wallpapers

by McNab Editorial Team

In today’s age of technology where information is at our fingertips, we find ourselves surrounded by screens. Essentially, our laptops, TVs, smartphones, iPads, and more. With Belize (and the world) under quarantine orders, physical connections like travel are a common craving. Travel ban or not, indulge in wanderlust with these unique Belize wallpapers and keep dreaming of your next trip.

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take the opportunity to travel for granted. Now, many are discovering the good from screen time. The screen is our only contact with the outside world: FaceTime with your parents, digital happy hours with friends, and photos of other’s culinary creations. By all of us suddenly guzzling screen time, why not start with something positive? Let’s start with the first thing we see on our devices – our wallpapers.

So while physical connections may be on hold for digital ones, we’d like to connect to the roots of positivity with the beauty of Belize through wallpapers. Have you ever seen anyone sad while snorkeling the Great Blue Hole? How about with adrenaline in the pit of your stomach while standing tall atop Altun Ha? Being wrapped in a kaleidoscope of colorful Blue Morpho butterflies is sure to make anyone’s heart flutter. By sharing travel photos, we’re sharing common experiences and by extension, comfort within the community.

Keep your wanderlust high for when it is safe to travel again. Belize is a destination worth waiting for, and should be at the top of your travel plans. At Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle, we want you to #StayHome and keep dreaming of travel with these gorgeous CC+L inspired wallpapers. Download, post, and get ready to explore Belize from your living room.

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