Keep Training, Hikers — Belize’s Victoria Peak Trail Season Remains Closed in 2021

by Carolee Chanona
Victoria Peak National Monument
Rising abruptly from the lowlands, the jagged Cockscomb Mountains are an impressive mass of rock visible from the coast. Within this range, Victoria Peak Natural Monument boasts the title of the highest mountain. And with a height of 1,120 meters, Victoria Peak is also the second-highest elevation in Belize. During Belize’s dry season, hikers have a unique chance to conquer the 27-kilometer Victoria Peak Trail. Under different circumstances, the Belize Audubon Society—the protected area’s co-manager— would see back-to-back bookings of eager hikers. Fortunately, Victoria Peak Natural Monument isn’t going anywhere. So while the global community moves mountains to recover from COVID-19, Belize will be waiting for you.     Until then, keep training hikers! The 2021 Victoria Peak Trail Season will remain closed this year.

About the Victoria Peak Natural Monument (VPNM)

Victoria Peak natural monument

Photo courtesy Kevin Quischan Photography

The VPNM trail is reserved for intrepid hikers. Choosing to embark on the 27 km one-way trail requires the company of a licensed tour guide. There is magnetism in wild places – one that calls to us on a spiritual level. Surely a bucket list item for the self-proclaimed weekend warrior. Connect to a higher sense of adventure in Belize on Victoria Peak Natural Monument. All groups must book in advance with the protected area co-manager, Belize Audubon Society (BAS). Both Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Victoria Peak Natural Monument are BAS sites. For non-profit and non-governmental organizations like BAS, sustainable tourism is used as a tool for conservation.

Gold Standard Certified

Belize’s most popular protected areas are Gold Standard certified: all seven sites that’s co-managed by the Belize Audubon Society!
Protected Areas co-managed by Belize Audubon Society:

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