The Luxury of Nature at Gaïa Riverlodge

by Madeleine Guerra
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Buried in the heart of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and perched atop the breathtaking five-sisters waterfall, lies Gaïa Riverlodge. Named after the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaïa prides itself on its prioritization for sustainability all while maintaining luxury across the resort. If you’re looking to experience total comfort while enjoying the wonders of Belize’s natural beauty, Gaïa Riverlodge is the place to be. 

All About The Location

The riverlodge is located an hour away from Belize’s most populous town, San Ignacio. Upon your arrival, you will be surrounded by nature and the sound of the nearby Five Sisters’ falls. Certified by the Green Globe Award, the Gaia Riverlodge is sustainable by design. Not to mention, the resort is powered by hydropower and operates on a farm to table approach.  

All About The Accommodations:  

Choose which view is right for you. Here you can choose between the Waterfall view rooms, the Mountain view rooms, and the Garden view rooms. Each room is decorated with gorgeous wood furniture, colorful pops of color, and a wide window space to make the most of your scenic surroundings. This space is sure to make you feel like you’re one with mother earth.  

All About The Experiences:  

Photo by Gaia Riverlodge

At Gaïa, you can enjoy various on-site amenities such as touring the organic garden, embarking on the nature trails, relaxing at the spa, and so much more. Bird watchers are sure to see a plethora of birds that are native to Belize during their stay. Just a few minutes walk from the resort is Big Rock Waterfalls.

A playground for outdoor enthusiasts, a trip to Big Rock provides stunning views of the massive waterfall and a small pool to take a refreshing swim. 

All About Why It’s a Must:  

The Gaïa Riverlodge is cozy yet exclusive. From the rooms that overlook the five-sisters waterfall to the excursion to see the Big Rock Waterfall, this lodge has definitely got the jungle right. It’s the perfect place to experience the balance between nature, adventure, and total bliss. Here, nature meets luxury. 

To make a reservation, call: 011-501- 834-4024 or email [email protected]. Gaïa Riverlodge is a Gold Standard certified resort in Western Belize.   

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