Belizean Hotels Embracing the Slow Travel Trend

by Vivian Roe

Whilst many around the world have been in lockdown, they have adjusted to a slower pace of life: appreciating the smaller things, taking time to enjoy nature and simply learning to enjoy life at a gentler pace. Certainly, travel trends are showing this appreciation for a slower life is transposing into the travel industry too.

A recent article by Condé Nast Traveler cited that as the world begins to open back up, many are seeking to preserve those benefits by embracing the growing ethos of slow travel. Tourism Review also agrees. Looking to 2021/ 2022, travelers will spend more time discovering a destination and visiting fewer places during the same trip but enjoying more experiences, cultures and traditions that make the journey unique.

Many travelers have discovered that there is no need to rush. Tourism Review

And for those seeking to embrace this slower pace of travel, Belize offers just that. A small country with a laid-back pace of life, Belize offers an abundance of experiences in a single destination. Moreover, the rich culture and experiences available around this are extensive.

For those seeking this gentler way of travel when the time comes, here are the top Belize resorts embracing slow travel:

Chaa Creek, Cayo

Known as Belize’s ‘Destination within the Destination’ at this wildly-civilized resort people can enjoy a complete vacation all within the 400-acre private nature reserve that surrounds it. The property has designed packages around seeing the best of the resort at a slow pace. On-site, guests can take part in cultural and natural activities like a Tour of the Maya Medicinal Trail, jungle horseback riding, canoeing and visiting the butterfly farm.

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Muy’ono Resorts, Throughout Belize

Copal Tree Lodge, Belize

From private islands to jungle escapes, the Muy’Ono group also offers a collection of Belize escapes. You can choose to stay at as many or as few of their resorts which includes: The Placencia, Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, Brisa Oceano, Copal Tree Lodge, and Ranguana Caye. Even better, they can help you plan every element of your trip. And to tempt visitors to stay longer, many of the properties are offering a 4th or 5th night free special offer.

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Matachica Resort, Ambergris Caye

Matachica Resort caribbean casita

Matachica Resort

This island resort has combined slow travel with group isolation and created bubble holidays. The 7-night bubble stays enable your group to enjoy your own beach, dining area, boat, and pier. In addition,  the hotel ensures that each zone has its own housekeepers, wait staff and captains, limiting the number of staff that regularly interact with your group. And for those craving an even slower holiday, the resort has also crafted a long-term stay package.

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Coppola Hideaways, Mountain Pine Ridge & Placencia

Blancaneaux Lodge within Mountain Pine Ridge.

This group of iconic hideaways could have invented the term ‘slow travel’.  Most of their offers are created around experiencing the best of Belize has to offer with time. In particular, our favorites include the Inn Residence program and the Family Facetime offer. Each encourages guests to take a break from the hectic world around them and simply enjoy the natural surrounds.

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Interested in adventure or romance instead? To discover the best hotels and offers throughout Belize, no matter what the occasion, visit our directory.  For more travel inspiration or to plan your slow trip to Belize, visit ROEming Belize. 

Feature Image Courtesy : Blancaneaux Lodge

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