La Perla del Caribe, A Pearl of a Resort Within the Gorgeous Oyster of Belize’s Ambergris Caye  

by Larry Waight

Just imagine taking a placid walk along a beach of sugar-white sands as sapphire-blue waters rise up and run away from the beach while the sweet sea breeze of the Caribbean blows away the last vestiges of any troubles plaguing you. That sort of vibe and aesthetic is everything to be gained from La Perla del Caribe.

Why La Perla Del Caribe

While there is no shortage of premier resorts to book a stay with during a trip to Belize, there are plenty of inferior ones to the prestige and quality of a venue like La Perla del Caribe. Meaning “The Pearl of the Caribbean,” this one venue features 12 designer villa homes that offer their guests the chance to enjoy lush gardens saturated with tropical flowers, a sparkling pool, a private dock, and a beachfront that spans 500 feet across.


Notably, the villas range between two, four, and five bedroom facilities in order to suit most normal sizes of vacation parties.

What Guests Have To Say 

“This is one beautiful and surreal location. The staff show lots of care and attention and are dedicated to making every guest feel like they are being treated like a monarch. Despite its peaceful and remote vibe, there is no shortage of things to do or chances to get bored with things. Portofino is an exceptional eatery found close to La Perla and the place is more than willing to collect you from the personal dock that extends from each condo.”

Secret Beach is easily reached by a golf cart in under half an hour. If you choose to stay here, expect to be given all the love and attention you could want from resort staff; you will never leave uninformed about something because these people have answers and ideas for anything you could possibly want to do.”

What La Perla Del Caribe Has to Offer

The many rooftop terraces offered by La Perla del Caribe’s villas give an easy view of the picturesque sunrise and sunset against the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Guests can also freely take off on a kayak, rowing out to the ideal spot for some privacy or to use as a launching point to go on a diving or snorkeling experience, likely somewhere close to the Belize Barrier Reef.

Snorkeling the Great Blue Hole. Image by Belize Tourism Board

Whether you want to go exploring or spend one day relaxing on the premises, La Perla del Caribe has your needs more than covered; the facility can serve as a one-stop shop for booking tours to go sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, trekking out to see the mainland or even participate in some yoga classes to further enhance the soothing experience of your surroundings.

Things to Do When You Book a Stay


While each of the villas is just fine on its own, you can use them as a breather spot in between adventures in the water, be it the amazing pool or the natural beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef. Indeed, the Belize Barrier Reef is widely regarded as one of the best diving venues on the planet and it just so happens to lie right offshore of this particular resort, serving as a home to a variety of coral and marine life species.

Then again, maybe your tastes are more of the terrestrial sort; in that case, there are countless festivals, amazing cuisine, and lively clubs to investigate—this is an area that may enjoy a leisurely way of life but they also party late into the night. Adventurers and explorers can appreciate the close proximity to spots like the many Maya ruins of the region, as well as go for a dive into the sumptuously gorgeous natural beauty of the Great Blue Hole’s depths.

“The Pearl of the Caribbean” For A Reason

If you want to enjoy an amazing place during your time in Belize, there are few villa choices better than La Perla del Caribe. This one place offers everything you could need to relax and even includes air conditioning, a mini fridge, kitchenette, complimentary wi-fi, and even a work desk in case you have to deal with remotely doing work. 

All other images not captioned courtesy of La Perla del Caribe.

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