How This Carmelita Gardens Resident Chose To Retire In Belize

by Louise Roe

Retiring in a new country is a big decision to make. For many, moving to Belize has been one of the most rewarding and best decisions ever made. Mary Arnold, a full-time resident at Carmelita Gardens, shares why she decided to retire to Carmelita Gardens, Belize.

Moving Abroad: where it all started

Mary has always had a dream of retiring abroad and having a simpler life in a beautiful place. With plans to move abroad Mary weighed out many destinations to retire in. Costa Rica, Portugal, Ecuador were all top contenders before deciding on Belize. Learning and hearing about Belize from Living Invest Overseas Conferences, after many years of having her eyes on it, Mary made the move. Many reasons drew her to Belize from the start. Although mainly:

  • Easily accessible in two or three hours from North America
  • English is the first language
  • Easily pegged 2:1 for American Currency

Why Carmelita Gardens

Living in a beautiful place

“Sunrises, sunsets, the clouds, the mountain on the right, the river over on the left; there is so much here that is beautiful.”

– Mary Arnold

For Mary, she has always been one to prefer greenery and the jungle over the ocean. And Carmelita Gardens, nestled within the Cayo District on the banks of the Belize River, offers just that. Residents of this green community get to enjoy nature in all its splendor: enjoying the great outdoors comes easily. Simple pleasures enjoyed by Mary include riding her bike, taking walks with her cats and simply enjoying the fresh air. At Carmelita Gardens, they often say you don’t live with nature – nature lives with you, as everything is energy dependent and you are surrounded by beauty.

Living in a community

“The thing we have in common [is] we want to live in the country and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle. And yet, we want to be a community coming together to support each other.”


What really makes Carmelita Gardens special is the community you’ll find. They develop a sustainable community through energy independence, responsible agriculture, art, education, and entrepreneurship. At the heart of living at Carmelita Gardens, you will find central areas with a Town Square, Organic Gardens, Orchards, and River Side Parks. Here, residents can be “independent together.” Your neighbors become more than just friends, but more like family.

Living a simpler life

“It is a community made of people who want to be self-sufficient. Living off grid, we have solar power, we have the rain water. Not to mention, we have the gardens behind us and we have beautiful fruit trees growing. 

The homes at Carmelita Gardens are curated around sustainable living and being self-sufficient. From charming cottages to Luxury Villas, each are organically designed while sourcing all materials from local vendors. After all, homes are all independent and off-grid with modern creature comforts.

Interested in becoming Mary’s neighbor? Learn more at Carmelita Gardens.

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