Making The Most Out Of An Ambergris Caye Trip with Alaia Belize

by Larry Waight

There are a number of reasons why Belize is becoming such a popular Caribbean tourist destination. Easy accessibility to North America, English being the national language, and the presence of the world’s second-largest barrier reef rank among the top reasons. However, Ambergris Caye continues to be the most popular destination in the country. It’s easily accessible to the mainland by ferry, extends for a full 25 miles, and sits incredibly close to some of the best snorkeling, fishing, and diving sites in the Caribbean Sea. Understandably, the town of San Pedro has grown as a result of this tourist boom — and countless resorts, hotels, and rental villas have taken root. There are a plethora of places to choose from, but what about one that can deliver everything all in one? Here’s why you should consider Alaia Belize as your hub for adventures in the Caribbean Sea, the town of San Pedro, and even mainland Belize. 

Accommodations at Alaia Belize

Alaia Resort is a Marriott hotel, and they’ve leveraged their reputation and capital to create an experience that’s pure Belizean and scaled to the needs of your stay. Global sensibilities blend with local furniture art to create a space that blends together seamlessly with both the sleepy town of San Pedro and the natural vistas of Ambergris Caye. There are plenty of oceanfront views to be found among the various accommodations, and that includes everything from modest studios to sprawling three-bedroom houses. The size ranges from 500 to 2,500 square feet, and the use of natural lighting and smart architecture helps showcase the beautiful surroundings without overshadowing them. There’s even the option to buy your own property on Alaia if you find yourself falling in love with the architecture, the amenities, and the scenery. 


The town of San Pedro is filled with a variety of compelling restaurants, but you never need to leave the property to have a satisfying meal. Alaia is home to multiple restaurants in addition to more flexible and less traditional ways to dine. Vista Rooftop Pool and Lounge offers some of the best views in San Pedro paired with a casual dining experience. The infinity pool is definitely the showcase of this spot, but you’ll also find fine Asian fusion dining and a full bar up on the roof. Sea Salt offers a smart-casual take on local seafood dishes and is open for all three meals, while the Deck offers a casual meeting place with filling food and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. And if you aren’t feeling like socializing at all, you can always have your meal delivered up to your room. No matter where you choose to eat, you can be confident that you’ll be eating fresh and local ingredients. 


Thanks to their growing role as a tourism hub, San Pedro has developed a pretty healthy nightlife. But Alaia continues to remain one of the most compelling hubs for drinking and socializing on the island. Beach Bar is conveniently located near some of the more prominent residences and serves an eclectic mix of beach cocktails, while Piano Bar brings things more upscale and pairs their menu of drinks with sushi and tapas. Or you can make your night more exclusive with a private event at the Alaia wine club. In addition to getting access to the resort’s curated wine collection, you can pair your drinks with a meal from Sea Salt. And while Alaia Coffee Bar may be the perfect place to grab a pastry and orange juice in the morning, it becomes a hip cocktail bar with live music during the evenings. 


There’s no lack of beautiful beaches on Ambergris Caye, but the popularity of this destination means that finding a beautiful beach that’s not crowded can sometimes be a challenge. Alaia is privileged to offer a thousand feet of private beach reserved just for you and the other guests. And when you factor in the over 20 acres this property covers, you’re left with an experience that feels private, intimate, and luxurious. The bustling adventures of San Pedro are right outside your door, but it will never feel that way unless you want it to. And the presence of K’in Spa and Wellness Center — along with the various bars, restaurants, and amenities — ensures that you never have to leave if you don’t want to. 


If you do decide to venture off of the property, you’ll find a whole lot to do. Ambergris Caye is one of the closest islands to the Belize Barrier Reef, and Alaia has its own dive shop. You can get all the gear you need for diving or snorkeling right on-site and then explore to your heart’s content. Alaia Belize even has an adventure concierge, and they can coordinate anything from an authentic Belizean cultural tour on the mainland to jungle excursions and journeys through the barrier reef’s most prominent marine reserves. Are you ready to make the most out of your visit to Ambergris Caye? 

All images courtesy of Alaia Belize.

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