How Grand Caribe Is Redefining All-Inclusive Travel 

by Gisselle Hernandez

Holiday travel may be gone now, but the resurgence of family vacation still looms before us in 2022. And as we step into the second month of our second year in the height of a pandemic, travelers need continued reassurance: certainty, reliability, and whatever convenience 2021 seemed to lack. Planning trips in this new year would then benefit greatly from all-inclusive resorts, but not the ones we have been used to. Where the term would have conjured up cookie-cutter activities and a sort of plainness to the resorts, it has now evolved. Travelers want more out of their stay, a depth and uniqueness not often found in large chain resorts. Luckily, Belize takes pride in being a hidden gem, with the lack of mass tourism a major draw—and benefit—to globetrotters. When planning an all-inclusive vacation to the tropics, no matter the type of trip, look no further than Grand Caribe.

An abundance of everything

Whether it’s a family with young kids, a couple, or a buddymoon, each type of traveler has its own needs.  As its name implies, everything is grand at Grand Caribe. The resort may sit on an island off the coast of a tiny country, but the amenities are far from small.

The Ambergris Caye hotel is famously known for the six pools gracing their property. In fact, Grand Caribe feels like a village on its own, with not one, but three restaurants to choose from. After indulging in delicious lobster bisque at the rooftop restaurant, you can opt to hit the on-site fitness center.

But self-care can take other forms, an example being booking a much-deserved Swedish massage at Grand Caribe’s spa salon. Vacationing is about relaxing, after all, and there’s no better way to soothe the body—and mind—than rejuvenating treatments. 

Convenience at its finest

The entire essence of all-inclusive resorts is arguably the convenience you have at your fingertips when vacationing abroad. Meals, tours, accommodations, and activities should all be taken care of. But Grand Caribe is known to go a step further. For folks who have checked each exquisite on-site restaurant off their list, the Beach Basket is a grocery store on-site.

(See what we meant by small village?) It carries all essentials needed to cook a quick meal or snack in your own quarters, with freshly-baked pizzas available to boot. There is also an urgent care clinic located on-site should an emergency—knock on wood—arise during your stay. 

Affordable Extravagance 

Sure, arriving at Grand Caribe with its well-manicured grounds and the friendliest staff will exude extravagance. But did you know you have a chance to save on condo rentals depending on which season you visit? The resort is currently offering a special Early Bird Winter price from now until the end of January. The real super saver comes Fall time, from August to the end of October when Grand Caribe offers exclusive rates to guests. If you’ve been planning a wedding for 2022, now would be the time to seize the opportunity.

Not to mention, Grand Caribe is the model for weddings and honeymoons, with its affinity for romance. But don’t take it from us alone, guests have been booking the resort as their wedding/honeymoon destination for years. It comes as no surprise since there’s no shortage of romantic backdrops acting as the perfect location to exchange vows. The white-sand beach against azure waters seems to be popular, though. And with Full-Service Wedding Planning & Coordination available, the feat is seamless. 

If at the end of the day, the insurmountable amenities still leave you wanting more, Grand Caribe will happily arrange for a multitude of all-inclusive experiences on the mainland. Whether you choose to take the conventional route via sea or the lavish transportation of their on-site helicopters is up to you.

All images courtesy Grand Caribe Belize.

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