Thinking of Moving to Belize as a Millennial? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Gisselle Hernandez
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Avid wanderlusters with their hearts set on knowing the world dream of the day they uproot their life and settle down in a quaint town somewhere far-flung. They yearn for places that are different from their usual fast-paced environment —especially now as mental well-being is of utmost priority. In 2019, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as an ‘occupational phenomenon,’ highlighting the importance of mental well-being in the workplace. This has become an even more prevalent matter, as millennials especially are the ones undergoing this experience. But it’s not only your work environment that matters, the ambiance surrounding your home contributes greatly to your overall well-being. What if you could pursue a far more mellow way of life, one where soft breezes and swaying palm trees frame your backdrop? 

Belize is a haven for expatriates and retirees, and most recently, millennials looking for a change in scenery. This perfect little country offers more than just what meets the eye. Before you jump all in on this endeavor, here are four important things you need to know about moving to Belize as a millennial.

Be Informed About Belize Real Estate

An aerial of Placencia Peninsula’s pointe. Image via Kevin Quischan Photography

There is a reason why so many ex-pats love and cherish Belize, and why more and more foreigners are discovering it as a forever home destination. Investing in property in Belize as a foreigner is as easy as if you were a native. The laws surrounding real estate are similar to those of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by unknown practices. While this makes it sound simple, it is highly advisable to still hire a certified Belizean realtor so you approach this venture in the best way possible. You don’t have to worry about high percentages of down payments and taxes and leaving this move until your retirement age.

As a millennial, acquiring a home in Belize is a straightforward and trouble-free procedure. A trusted realtor, like that with Vista Real Estate, can find you splendid homes wherever your desire may be. Seeking a habitat among lush trees and thriving fauna? Real estate in the Cayo district is flourishing. Would you prefer to reside on a lovely coast where sea breezes never fail to relax you after a day of work? The enchanting beaches in Placencia, Toledo, and Ambergris are calling your name. After viewing so many beautiful homes in idyllic properties, it’ll be hard to choose but we’re sure there’s one with your name on it.

Embrace the Belizean Way of Life

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Of course, a change in lifestyle is expected when moving somewhere new – even as a millennial in Belize. Shifting from a fast-paced way of life to the easygoing culture of Belize is one that is welcomed with open arms. In a study conducted by Project Healthy Minds, 86% of Millennials and Gen-Zers say mental health is as important or more important than physical health. Even if your career stays the same, the noticeable difference of a new setting proves wonders for your happiness and health. You’ll hear the Creole phrase “tek it easy” many times, signifying the importance of living one’s life smoothly and with no rush. Belizeans treasure downtime immensely and they always teach you new ways how to unwind.

Kayaking with a view. Image via Ranguana Caye.

If you’re a millennial looking to live in Belize, this is something you will come to appreciate and partake in more freely. You can kayak down calm rivers, hike in lush forests, or simply relax on a tranquil beach. Every weekend can provide a new experience, and you’ll come to love Belize’s way of living.

Explore What the Country Has to Offer


antunich Maya Site. Image via San Ignacio Resort Hotel.Because Belize is so small and many activities are in close proximity, there is always something to do, or somewhere to go. If you enjoy exercise and learning about history, you can achieve the goal of visiting every Maya temple in Belize. There are about twelve major Maya ruins in the country, and each one is distinct and amazing in its own way. Or, if you prefer hiking mountains and seeking interesting flora and fauna, there are invigorating trails in the Cayo district. After a long work week, you might be craving some rest and relaxation which is when you head to the beaches. Swimming, snorkeling, or paddle boarding are all captivating experiences in Belize. In a country like this, there’s no way you’ll ever be bored. It is important to take advantage of your free time and prime age in the current era we live in. If you leave it up to your retirement age, who knows if you’ll be interested in exploring by then? 

Digital Nomad-Friendly 

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Upon moving to Belize, you shouldn’t be anxious about how your career might not be supported here as a millennial. After the pandemic, remote work is booming, and Belize is not falling behind on the trend. For millennials who seek remote work, you’ll be pleased to discover Belize’s Work Where You Vacation Visa Program. Pursue the career and home of your dreams, right here in Belize.

Image via Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.

It’s essential to be familiar with Belize and its wonderful culture before deciding to ultimately move here. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, there’s no place quite like Belize, and you’ll see why so many foreigners love this charming country. Don’t let your age deter you, any time is the right time to move to Belize. Living here is like an extended vacation, except you have all the time in the world to relish to your heart’s content. Discover peace and tranquility in the monotony of work life.

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