Why This Private Island Resort Offshore Placencia, Belize Is Just Your Style  

by Larry Waight

If you keep running into articles that go into detail about the importance of understanding your personal style, you’ve probably learned that style describes just about everything you do. You are specific about the fashion you prefer, follow hair trends and furnish your home with decor that reflects your personality and style. Whether or not you know it, you also have a personal travel style, so it’s important to seek out destinations that suit your sensibilities. Why is it important to identify your unique travel style? Because without being discriminating about the places you choose to visit and the things you prefer to do, even the best-planned getaway could leave you feeling disappointed—especially when post-vacation bills start popping up on your credit card statements! 

Having spent as much time as your life allows to indulge yourself in the beauty and delights of Ray Caye Island Resort, there’s a very good chance you’ll leave saying, “This experience was exactly my style!”

What’s your travel style?


We would like to introduce you to a way to determine yours so your next vacation exceeds your expectations. Does this mean that to satisfy your cravings for a vacation that is unforgettable you’ll have to bounce around to get your fix? Not if you discover Belize where you can add spice to your itinerary by choosing an island resort that delivers on its promise to satisfy your style big time. At Ray Caye Island Resort, guests find exactly the style of sojourn they seek.

Style #1: Adventurers

You know who you are! An island stay is a perfect way to test your mettle by taking advantage of Ray Caye tours guaranteed to keep you on the go. Choose from offshore adventures to get your thrills by scuba diving at the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, the latter located amid Belize’s legendary barrier reef. Don snorkel gear to spot fish, rays, turtles, squid, and other fascinating marine creatures right off the resort pier. Get your fill of deep sea or pier fishing, and help yourself to the resort’s pedal boats, Hobie cats, kayaks, and swimming pool. If you overdo it, order spa services to soothe your body before you set off on your next outing.

Style #2: Romantics

Ray Caye private island resort belize

The Honeymoon Suite at Ray Caye, a private Island Resort

If you’re the sort of soul who needs no excuse to show the love of your life how much they are adored, a romantic island stay delivers the environment and privacy conducive to intimacy within the confines of accommodations designed for pleasure and relaxation. Give yourself additional time to explore the island and each other by opting for the package that suits your travel style best. Several of these are designed just for lovers, and while they’re labeled “honeymoon” escapes, you know that every day in the company of your beloved is a honeymoon.

Style #3: Brainiacs

How do intellectuals wind down and relax? By learning more about the world around them via day trips to Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun Maya Ruins and wandering an ancient Maya cave, home to rituals and ceremonies that are so fascinating, guests riddle their guides with questions about the people and culture that once called Belize home.

ray caye belize mudslide dylan hetelle

Power up your mind and body at the island’s award-winning Lionfish Grill where foodies are introduced to delicious tastes and aromas and where bartenders are mixology wizards, eager to show off their martini-making skills.

Style #4: Philanthropists

For travelers who wouldn’t consider a vacation that didn’t present learning and caring opportunities, Ray Caye Island Resort is a mecca. Not only will you reside in paradise, but you’ll do it at a resort that cares deeply about sustainability, and ecological and environmental protections that have been put into place to conserve the nation’s wildlife—be they marine species or occupants of Belize’s jungles and rainforests.

The Belizean team’s work has been replicated with success at other Caribbean islands and beyond. (Credit: Fragments of Hope)

To extend its philanthropic outreach, Ray Caye is a proud partner of Fragment of Hope (FoH), a non-profit dedicated to restoring the corals that form the Belize Barrier Reef but also assisting local communities via education and other meaningful support filtered down to Belize citizens. Your vacation therefore can do an enormous amount of good while you enjoy the wonders of relaxation.

How can one exotic island be so perfect for so many diverse travelers? Because Ray Caye Island Resort was designed that way, pairing an off-grid style of sojourning that delivers endless benefits to guests, no matter their vacation style. 

All images via Ray Caye Island Resort.

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