5 Places To Grab Sushi When In San Pedro, Belize

by Dion Vansen

Are you a fan of sushi? You know it: the popular Japanese dish eaten all over the world. If your answer is yes, then on your next visit to San Pedro, Belize, getting a hold of some authentic and delicious sushi will not be an issue. There are a few restaurants in San Pedro offering this delicacy and here we share with you who they are so you can start making your choices and making those reservations to have some sushi in San Pedro style. Some of these restaurants cater for other eats as well and assign certain days of the week for the sushi, thus reservations are sometimes needed. On the other hand, in the other restaurants, you can find sushi almost every day and can even get it delivered to your place.

Jyoto Sushi Bar 

Image via Drift Inn

Located off Seagrape Drive south of San Pedro at Mahogany Bay Village, Jyoto the island’s only dedicated Japanese restaurant specializes in sushi. It’s a favorite in San Pedro offering the freshest of ingredients in its sushi rolls and naked rolls, to name a few. Jyoto can also accommodate sushi party platters upon request. Other options include sashimi and nigiri. Additionally, Jyoto also offers sushi take-outs as well and orders can be made by WhatsApp number +501 600-5458.

Vista Rooftop Lounge 

This sushi eatery is at the luxurious Alaia Hotel at its Vista Rooftop Lounge. This place is adults-only with a gorgeous, suspended swimming pool. The specialties at this luxurious sushi restaurant include classical international sushi rolls. There is also sashimi infused with local fresh seafood with fruit flavors. This experience on top of San Pedro also includes a wide range of cocktails to go along with this fine eating at this fine place. 

Blue Water Grill 

The Yen Yen roll at Blue Water Grill. Image courtesy property.

This next sushi spot is right in downtown San Pedro, within Sunbreeze Hotel and in front of the Caribbean Sea. Blue Water Grill offers some choices for sushi on Tuesdays and Fridays. They have a complete menu with the best choices in starters, nigiri or sashimi, and of course specials as well. Come in alone, with that special one, or even better, with your friends, is quite the experience at Blue Water Grill with endless ways to order your favorite sushi rolls. Sake is available as well. Reservations are required. If you want to enjoy such delicacy from your bedroom or home, delivery is available from noon to 5 pm. Orders can be made via WhatsApp at +501 613-0994.

Aqua Belize 


To have another unforgettable and luxurious sushi experience head over to Aqua Belize at Grand Caribe, 1.5 miles north of downtown. It’s right in the same building as the popular Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace. Aqua Belize informs its patrons that sushi is available from Wednesday to Saturday and one of their favorites and specialties is the ocean roll. Another favorite choice is the Three-Way Sushi Tart. Your sushi experience at Aqua Belize will be classy and delicious. 

Maxie’s Restaurant

We go back to the downtown area, where a brand-new restaurant has sprouted along the back street (Angel Coral Street on Google Maps). A delicious sushi time can be experienced at this elegant restaurant on Wednesdays and Thursdays. While some people are not too fond of seafood, Maxie’s even accommodates you with their Cochinita roll – using Yucatán-style barbecued pork. As they recently announced, it’s their signature pulled pork pibil, with avocado, cucumber, pickled habanero, and red onions. The cherry on the icing is a packing creamy cilantro sauce. Make your reservations by calling +501 226-3787 or via Facebook

All images are courtesy of respective properties unless stated otherwise.

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