Belize’s Newest Cruise Development: Port Coral

Everything We Know About the New Port Coral in Belize

Belize introduces its newest cruise development, the Port Coral; a docking station for incoming ships just four miles offshore of Belize City. Designed as a port of call for up to four Royal Caribbean Oasis-class vessels at one time, the Port Coral will offer a dock experience, rather than tender, on Stake Bank Island with natural deep water access. Additionally, a kiosk area available for vendors to showcase the history of Belize; plus an independent entertainment and shopping area just for cruise crew members.

Notably, the 25-acre island is expecting to host a capacity of 22,000 cruises in one day within its modern facilities. Within the project, arriving guests can transfer to the mainland by tender ride from the international port of entry at Port Coral to the terminal at North Drowned Caye. From there, guests can get to the mainland of Belize via a vehicle causeway of roughly 2 miles, which will be open to the public.

Progress Update

The development of Belize’s Port Coral has already started. The scheduled twin piers is expect to cater to two cruise ships each. If no delays, Port Coral should be complete at the end of 2021. Port Coral is being developed by Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (SBEL) under The Feinstein Group of Companies.

Belize’s Current Cruise Ports

In 2019, Belize welcomed approximately 333 cruise calls. Additionally, disembarkation rates were 80 percent for passengers and 15 percent for crew members. Belize’s tour purchasing rate for disembarked passengers was 60 percent, which compares favourably with the Caribbean average of 35 percent. At this time, Belize‘s original cruise port, Fort Street Tourism Village Cruise Port, is a tender port – approximately 15 minutes from ship to shore. Meanwhile, the newly opened docking port in southern Stann Creek District, the Harvest Caye Cruise Port,  currently caters only for Norwegian Cruise Line passengers.

Cruise Tourism in Belize

Cruise tourism is currently listed as the fifth and last phase in Belize’s travel reopening plans, with no return date.

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