Luxury Meets Chic 

There is a new, exotic resort that is off-the-beaten-track in the Corozal District, overlooking the Chetumal Bay, with a tranquil vibe, marine biosphere, and talcum white sands; strategic yet isolated. As its name implies, Orchid Bay in Northern Belize is home to lush tropical gardens with over 200 varieties of wild orchids and many species of birds. Here you can access the Barrier Reef, enjoy boating, snorkeling, and fishing, or simply relax in a private tropical haven. 

Beachfront Cabanas 

The floor plans of the cabanas are extensive and spacious. You’ll be literally, steps away from the sea. Although the roofs are traditional thatch for cooling, the ceilings are high and the rooms large with room for up to six people. You can dine or relax on your screened-in porch or cook in your state-of-the-art kitchen, complete with stainless steel equipment. The views are of shimmering blue and green waters and pristine white sands, a setting that is at once romantic and family-friendly. 


Orchid Bay is a great base for enjoying Belize’s natural wonders.  In a couple of hours, you can be at the Maya Site of Lamanai on the New River. Along the way, you will see exotic water birds, abundant flora, and tropical wildlife. At Lamanai, there are three types of ancient architecture: the Maya temples, charred remains of a Spanish church, and an old sugar mill which was brought from Louisiana by the British and Confederate plantation owners at the end of the 1800s. Sarteneja is just a boat ride away. Here you can visit the 62ft tower at Shipstern, see the amazing Butterfly Reserve, wade in the flats of the sandy reef, and enjoy the profusion of birds that make it their home. 

If you enjoy fishing, there is a landlocked Barracuda Lake with a marine fissure where fish are plentiful. The Orchid Bay Resort is on seven miles of coastline, offering endless possibilities such as cave tubing in the Maya underworld, snorkeling, and birding which you can enjoy away from the more touristy jungle areas. Belize also has several beautiful navigable rivers to explore, winding through the cave, Maya centers, and lush rainforest. Also enjoy the Orchid Bay Beach Club, Tradewinds Restaurant, and community pool.     

Option to Buy  

If you are looking to retire or invest, you should consider Orchid Bay. Within, two-bedroom open concept homes and Village Bungalows are available. Many expats in this area are happy to have invested in Belize. Why? Well, property taxes are low, there are no estate or capital gain taxes, assets are protected by British Commonwealth Law, and Belize is one of the only countries which allows100% ownership of property and businesses. Orchid Bay will not only expedite your application, but allow monthly payments to be manageable.  For further information, visit 

Photos Courtesy Orchid Bay

Written by Nelita Castillo

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