Vote for Belize in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Readers Choice Award!

by Tanya McNab

Conde Nasté Traveler’s ReadersChoice Awards are the most important awards in the travel industry, celebrating the best places, movers, and fixers on the planet – from far-flung wilderness retreats and close-to-home urban hotels to Mediterranean villa specialists and destination spas in Asia – and your opinion counts. Destinations are eager for your support now more than ever! What’s even better? You can win a free trip to the Maldives just for submitting your vote.

Even better news? Belize has been nominated in “Best Destination” category! Here’s how you can cast your vote for The Jewel.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Visit the following link:
2. Belize is listed under the “Countries” Tab
3. Sign up to vote by entering your details.
4. It will ask you to enter a location, search for “Belize”
5. Complete the short survey.
5. Submit your vote for Belize!
If you know someone who has the same affinity for Belize as we do, please share this article so that Belize can have as many votes as possible! Learn more about what makes Belize an unforgettable destination.

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