Passport Heavy Explores Belize As A Luxury Travel Destination

by Khaila Gentle

Belizethe hidden gem of Central America. That’s what popular travel media brand Passport Heavy (@passportheavy) dubbed the country after his month-long visit this past summer. Four months ago, he released his first-ever video on Belize. It’s a cinematic masterpiece just over 40 minutes long. It details the ins and outs of Belize travel and highlights the beauty of the country’s diverse culture and environment. And this past Sunday, he did it again, exploring the reason luxury travelers choose to visit this small but spectacular Caribbean nation.

Incomparable Luxury Travel Experiences

Over the years, Belize has certainly established a name for itself as one of the top luxury travel destinations in the Caribbean, having garnered the attention of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Bill Gates

Passport Heavy’s 33-minute video highlights a number of luxury experiences that visitors can have in Belize, including a tour of the Great Blue Hole, sushi on a private island, dinner in the mountains at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge, and a stay at Naia Resort’s Solvei villa.  

© Duarte Dellarole Photography

From properties nestled deep in the rainforest, to secluded private islands, Belize boasts a wide range of one-of-a-kind experiences. Add its breathtaking biodiversity and untouched natural beauty, and you get one of the best destinations of the decade. 

Solvei Villa at Naia Resort (Image Courtesy Naia Resort & Spa)

Check Out Passport Heavy’s Latest Video on Belize

According CEO and Founder Jubril Agoro, Passport Heavy aims to change how we see and experience the world. In both his videos, Agoro definitely succeeds in doing just that when it comes to Belize. 

“…I now understand why Belizeans are so proud of their nation. It’s a combination of appreciating the nation’s deep and proud history, incredible culinary experiences that are deeply connected to the country’s history & a warm and welcoming society of people,” said Agoro upon the release of the first Belize video. 

Here at Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle, we can’t help but agree with those sentiments. Check Out Passport Heavy’s Latest video highlighting Belize as a top no-budget dream destination for luxury travel below or on Youtube.

Header Image courtesy Naia Resort & Spa

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