The Three-day Itinerary You Need from the Radisson Fort George Hotel

by Gisselle Hernandez

Belize City may have been a flyover city in the past, used as a mere stopover destination for more popular districts. But it seems travelers are slowly hopping on the bandwagon that the urban area has much to offer. Last year, the number of stays in Belize’s former capital seemed to have increased. More wanderlusters are open to curious and cultural experiences that Belize City is well-known for. For the traveler that’s open to an out-of-the-box trip, a three-day itinerary from Belize City is easily fulfilled when making the Radisson Fort George Hotel your base. 

Day 1: Adjusting your internal clock, exploring the resort menu, and city-based sights


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For some travelers, the first day in Belize can be quite tiresome, no matter which reliable airline you chose to fly with. Fortunately, with your base being the Radisson in Belize City, your drive to a warm bed is a mere 20 minutes. Once you arrive and settle in your Seaview room, head downstairs for a quick bite at Baymen’s Taven, the on-site restaurant. Relax near one of the two pools and catch up with any emails if need be with the ultrafast wifi available.

If your flight arrived early enough, your concierge can arrange a sightseeing city tour right in the heart of the city. Come face-to-face with the famous Baron Bliss lighthouse, or stop by the Museum of Belize housing decades’ worth of stories. For dinner, you can choose to try a variety of international specialties at Radisson’s St. George’s restaurant or explore the local restaurant scene in the city. 

Day 2: a packed lunch from Le Petit before a packed day of offsite activities 


Rise bright and early to grab a coffee and croissant at Radisson’s Le Petit Cafe across the street. Make sure to dress light, with tons of sunscreen and bug spray to prepare for an adventurous day of Maya site-climbing. Altun Ha lies just an hour away from the city and is the closest ancient Maya city to the airport. An amazing perk of visiting Maya sites in a country devoid of mass tourism is the lack of crowds you’ll encounter once you arrive. Climb the towering temples, snap as many photos as you wish, and roam the ever-green plazas at your leisure. 

Resident howler monkeys at the Baboon Sanctuary in Belize. © Duarte Dellarole

Once you’ve had your early lunch beneath the shade of the surrounding jungle, hop back on your tour bus or rental car and drive back toward the city. However, your next stop will be several miles before Belize City. Take the Burrell Boom cutoff road that leads to the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing Village. This sanctuary is a protected area for Black Howler Monkeys, which you can see up close to the reserve. Learn about the sanctuary’s history and its important role in preserving wildlife species in Belize. Take a guided nature walk where you can snap selfies with the Black Howlers before heading back to the city. 

Unwind from a day of adventuring at the hotel’s on-site spa salon. Get ready to be pampered with either a Swedish massage or aromatherapy. To really divulge in luxury, opt for a mani-pedi combo. You’re now ready for your last day in Belize City. 

Day 3: snorkeling, fishing, and manatee watching 

Spend the last full day in the city exploring what Belize is best known for: its world-renowned barrier reef. Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina offers a smorgasbord of offshore activities with convenient pick-up straight from their dock. Book a full-day reef fishing excursion where you’ll gather snappers, grubs, and a kaleidoscope of fishes from beneath turquoise waters. Or if you prefer to admire rather than interfere, choose to snorkel the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Swim amongst orange-hued corals, shy stingrays, and friendly nurse sharks at any of the nearby cayes. 

For a more memorable experience bound to be the envy of friends go on a Manatee Watch & snorkel tour. Swallow Caye, which lies a few miles away from the mainland, expect to come across the revered West Indian Manatee. This reserve is known to have gentle sea creatures grazing at the bottom of the river either in the morning or in the afternoon. 



Once back at Radisson Fort George, reward yourself with a cocktail by either the two pools as you bid goodbye to the perfect last three days in the city. 

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