This Wellness Trip in Belize’s Wilds Is Exactly How To Start The New Year

by Larry Waight

While the modern world comes with no shortage of innovations and advantages, it can be overwhelming. Even without the added complications of a global pandemic, it’s easy to say that you need to make time for yourself but hard to actually live up to your promise in a world where you’re always expected to be connected. With a new year in front of us, it might be time to plan your wellness trip and give yourself the break you deserve. It may also be time to consider what Ka’ana Resort has to offer. As one of Central America’s premier eco-resorts, Ka’ana really does feel like an escape into the solitude of the jungle. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be roughing it during your stay. Here’s what makes Ka’ana Resort such an ideal choice for your wellness journey. 

Your Secret Home in the Wilds

Ka’ana’s name comes from the Maya ruins that it neighbors, and it translates to Heavenly Place. It’s a promise that the staff of the resort works hard to deliver every day — and the result is a boutique experience that offers all the amenities and luxuries of a modern upscale hotel or resort in an environment that’s truly and authentically natural.

But while the thoughtful and sustainably integrated design is a core value of Ka’ana, you don’t have to worry about limiting your options. The Casita and Master suites are one-of-a-kind rooms that offer spacious and isolated living spaces that make the most of the surrounding jungle to really immerse you into the environment — but there are also five Balam suites nestled inside a hacienda-style home if you can’t manage to book the suite of your dreams. And if you find that none of these are to your liking, you’ll definitely find something to love among the private one- and two-bedroom villas that offer a truly luxurious and private experience that includes a private pool.

Get to Know the Cayo District

romantic picnic xunantunich kaana resort

A romantic picnic atop Xunantunich. Image via Ka’ana Resort

Ka’ana Resort sits in the Cayo District, which is sometimes referred to as Belize’s “Wild West”. It’s a region of lush jungles packed with fascinating wildlife, raging rivers that cut through underground caverns and once served as the commercial lifeline for the ancient Maya Empire, and long-abandoned ruins that still offer a tantalizing glimpse into the past. Ka’ana is right in the middle of this wilderness, but it’s also less than three miles from the major town of San Ignacio.

Strolling Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Town. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Whether you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, grab some authentic local souvenirs, or set out on your next adventure, all of the advantages of civilization are easily within reach. But you can also bypass San Ignacio entirely for your adventures. Ka’ana hosts their own adventure tours, and they’re conscientious about making sure that their carefully curated experiences are led by experienced and exceptional guides.

A Hub For Wellness and Self-Carekaana belize yoga wellness kombucha

The adventure deck offers everything you need to explore the Cayo District, but there’s so much to do on Ka’ana’s property that you might never find yourself leaving. An organic garden provides fresh produce which is then integrated into creative and filling culinary creations from the two on-site chefs. A full-service spa can be found on-site along with complimentary yoga classes twice a week. You can even schedule your own private appointments if you want to really focus on your wellness. Or if you prefer things more self-guided, you can always relax poolside.



The Wallace and La Ceiba are the two on-site restaurants, and they offer a unique blend of upscale and casual options that rely on local ingredients and draw inspiration from both local and global influences. And when it’s time to celebrate with a drink, it’s worth it to pick out a special bottle from Ka’ana’s private wine cellar.

Blending Sustainability With Personal Wellness

kaana resort garden family

A family affair! Photo courtesy Ka’ana Resort

Ka’ana looks the part of a sustainable resort, but they’re also capable of following through. Their architecture and design are predicated on helping you get in touch with the natural world and focus on your own self-care, but they also back local programs that are focused on local equity initiatives and broader ecological sustainability standards. Holy Cross Primary School and the Cayo Animal Welfare Society are both recipients of Ka’ana’s charitable contributions, and they’re also a part of the Pack For a Purpose initiative.

A Bespoke Experience Just For You

Wellness looks different to everyone, and Ka’ana wants to make sure that your path to self-improvement is unique to you. Whether you frame that journey as an adventure, a meditation, or a simple opportunity to relax, the staff at Ka’ana can work with you to deliver a boutique experience that’s catered to your unique needs. Creating a sustainable environment that has a positive impact on the community is critical to the Ka’ana experience, but they understand that it won’t work if no one wants to visit. That may be why they’ve been honored as the Leading Boutique Resort in Central America for 2021 at the World Travel Awards for seven years in a row. Reach out today to learn how Ka’ana can make your experience once you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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