Reef and Rainforest: Where To Go in Belize in May

by Gisselle Hernandez

The sweet taste of summer is nigh. Sunkissed tan lines, a citrusy vigor clinging to the air, and the budding realization that there’s no better place to welcome it than in Belize. But before we get into the prime of summertime, May teases us with its arrival. The beaches are ready for travelers’ revelry and the jungles of Belize await balmy exploration. Fortunately, you can indulge in both ambiances with The Belize Collection’s Reef & Rainforest experience. After all, why choose one when you can have both?

Cruising on the coast

Kissing the Hopkins coastline, the Lodge at Jaguar Reef is the epitome of summer. The Belize Collection’s beachfront resort beckons travelers who want something more from their summertime travels. Private plunge pools. Over-the-water bars. Stretches of sun-jeweled sand. Views, views, views. All of these are the ideal fixings for a vacation cocktail primed with Belizean flavor. Why wait until the summer solstice to indulge? When visiting Belize in May, you’d be remiss to skip Hopkins, the central hub of the southeast coast.

A series of boat hops away lie fragmented islands, ready for snorkeling. At the end of a short drive hides gushing waterfalls, deep in the rainforest. It’s hard to imagine, then, that the Lodge at Jaguar Reef sits at the intersection of these juxtaposed wonders. Yet, it’s more than just imagination. Guests staying at Jaguar Reef can have their cake and eat it, too. Visiting Belize in May also means you’re in the ideal travel sweet spot. Spring breakers have skedaddled back home, and the rainy season has yet to set in. April’s winds linger a little longer, making tanning beneath swaying palm trees a little more enjoyable.

Retreating to the rainforest

Beaches don’t have the exclusive hold on summer, though. If you crave more than a bite-sized morsel of rainforest, staying at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge will grant you a feast. One can argue the inkling of summer is the ideal time to retreat to the jungles of Belize. As the temperatures rise, you can barely feel the sting when you have giant broadleaves and tropical foliage cocooning you.

The entire resort melds into nature. The dramatic landscape transports travelers to a whole new world within Belize’s mountainsides. Venturing within Sleeping Giant Lodge, you’ll forget that you were visiting in May at all. Creeks gurgle nearby, ducks and chickens roam the premises, and the endless vista-laden trails seem straight out of a children’s storybook. With this abundance of natural resources, Sleeping Giant Lodge is befitting the diversity of the Caribbean.

If you’d like to experience both reef and rainforest when in Belize, The Belize Collection offers an exclusive best-of-both-worlds package. Stay in deluxe accommodations at both properties, which include visits to the Xunantunich Maya site and snorkeling at South Water Caye.

All images courtesy of The Belize Collection. Learn more here.

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