What Is Visiting Belize in May Really Like?

by Carolee Chanona

The beaten-down travel industry is showing signs of life as coronavirus vaccines allow homebound Americans to start thinking of hopping a flight. In February, President Biden announced enough vaccine supply for all Americans by the end of July. Now, with efforts to ramp up production, the U.S. announced enough vaccines for every American by the end of May. And according to Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley, Americans are unsurprisingly itching to go somewhere warm, as well as somewhere they don’t have to jump through too many hoops to get through. Egypt, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Belize were the top destinations for her customers; sales in February 2021 were at the highest point since the general shutdown of international travel last year. So what about visiting Belize during the month of May? Here’s what it’s really like.

What The Weather Is Like

Photo Courtesy: Sunbreeze Hotel

May is the last month of Belize’s dry season, which means you’ll be aptly reminded you’re in the tropics with humidity levels. Temperatures average between a high of 89° Fahrenheit and a low of 77° Fahrenheit, but it can get balmy as the weather shifts to prepare for the rain season. Why wait until summer for a getaway when May’s weather offers up all of the best adventures, with about half of the rainfall of July and August? And because May is the beginning of the low season in Belize’s tourism industry, you can take advantage of huge discounts on accommodations, tours, and all-inclusive vacation packages.

Cool Off By Chasing Waterfalls

While most people travel to Belize for its breathtaking coastline and cayes, few may realize that Belize also boasts some of the tallest waterfalls in Central America. Varying from awe-inspiring 1,600-foot tall cascades to humble jungle showers, these pristine natural formations in Belize should be on every traveler’s itinerary. Not to mention, Belize’s waterfalls—aptly sprinkled from Western to Southern Belize—boast refreshing pools to kick back, relax, and cool off during the month of May. Ready? Start here for 10 epic swim spots inland.

Things To Do

Whale Shark diving is the prelude to a summer of feasting, frolicking, and feeding by the world’s largest fish! And Gold Standard tour operator Splash Dive Center is already counting down to the days ahead. Although massive, whale sharks are only one of three known shark species that filter feed; in Belize, they do so in the southern tip of the country. Between March and June, visitors of the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve have a unique chance to swim with these gentle giants. Plan ahead with Splash Dive Center and add swimming with Whale Sharks to your 2021 bucket list with the following windows that overlap in May:

  • April 25 – May 5
  • May 25 – June 5

Then, you can venture into the Deep South; the chocolate stronghold comes alive to reveal all things cacao with Belize’s Chocolate Festival. Held annually near Sovereign Day pre-pandemic, three whole days are dedicated to the Maya food of the gods with innovative and traditional cuisine, alongside the enriching Maya culture. Stay nearby Punta Gorda at Copal Tree Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort, enriched with agri-tourism. And if you’re a birder, then you’re in luck: May marks peak migration for all the (feathered) snowbirds that headed South for the winter. Try your eye at spotting the near 600 species of birds recorded in Belize!

Feature image courtesy Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

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