Why Retirees Choose Belize over Neighboring Caribbean Nations

by Carolee Chanona
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When news reached the media about Belize’s low cases of COVID-19 cases, retirees took notice. For those already considering this affordable, accommodating nation, Belize quickly moved up to first place on destination lists. English is the nation’s first language, the weather is warm year-round and retirees receive benefits from the government that have no equal. When queried, seniors cited myriad reasons beyond the aforementioned three, says Scott Fuson of Salt Life Belize. While Belize reopens for tourism on August 15, those who may be interested in real estate will have to wait. During this phase of reopening, incoming arrivals will be limited to recognized Gold Standard accommodations only; leaving the property is not permitted, regardless if for real estate/ investment/other business purposes, as outlined by the Belize Tourism Board.

Belize keeps family ties tight

Flight time between North America and Belize can be just a few hours. “Retirees want to see their grandkids as often as possible,” said Fuson. “Knowing that a birthday party, graduation or christening is a few hours away compels retirees to choose Belize.” Belize’s nearest flight to the US is under two hours to Miami, FL.

Recreational fun is unlimited


Today’s active senior isn’t necessarily content to just play golf, but for those who do, an 18-hole course on Caye Chapel, a private island, is a 10-minute boat ride away. But seniors quickly discover other low-stress opportunities to recreate, including jungle trekking, forests, cultural tours, Maya ruins, and a bounty of other attractions easily reached within a nation that’s less than 9,000 square miles in size. Find a full list of Belize activities to explore here.

Receive more than keys to a luxury home

Retirees can acquire mortgages and apply for Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), available to those over the age of 45. Offer proof of $2,000 USD per month income to attain QRP status.

Belize is the new epicenter of sustainability – a fact not lost on retirees

jabiru stork belize crooked tree

The Jabiru Stork is Crooked Tree’s most famed resident. Photo by Francis Canto Jr.

Through a series of bold political moves, Belize continues to choose a path towards sustainability. Most significantly, it became the first country in the world to put a moratorium on offshore drilling, it passed laws to restrict fishing and created new taxes to fund conservation. And it worked. This year, the country goes one step further in its phase-out of single-use plastic. Though tiny but mighty, Belize boasts an impressive 46 percent of protected landmass under our National Protected Areas System. So while eco-tourism is a tool for conservation, livelihoods from these protected areas allow use of the natural resources sustainably. For example, bird-watching at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Article adapted from www.digitaljournal.com.

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