Rum Punch: A Taste of the Tropics in Belize (Plus How To Make It!)

by McNab Editorial Team
rum punch

But did you really vacation in the Caribbean, if you didn’t have a few rum punches while you were there? If you enjoy fruity or sweet drinks, this rum punch cocktail is right up your alley! Rum Punch is a refreshing rum-based beverage that is found in many different tropical locations, from Belize to Hawaii. This cocktail is great all year long and a Belizean favorite! It’s the most popular cocktail in the region. It is quick and easy to make, but more importantly, it is so tasty.  

What is rum punch?

Rum punch is simply rum with added fruit juice. The recipe to make a rum punch usually consists of rum (dark, light, or coconut) and lots of fruit juice such as orange juice, pineapple, lemon or lime juice, and grenadine for color. These can sometimes be swapped out and the amounts may vary, but these are essentially the basic ingredients to make a rum punch. 

Brighten your cold winter days with a Caribbean rum punch. This rum punch recipe from the Flavors of Belize cookbook is going to make you feel like you are in the tropics with every sip! You can alter the amounts of juice and alcohol to suit your tastes. This recipe makes a pitcher, so it is perfect for entertaining. 

Belizean Rum Punch Recipe

rum punch

Photo Courtesy: Vivian Lizarraga



Mix all ingredients and serve over ice. A short rhyme to remember this recipe is: 

  • 1 Sour 
  • 2 Sweet 
  • 3 Strong 
  • 4 Weak 

This means the punch is made with: one part lime juice, two parts sweetener, three parts rum, and four parts water, ice, fruit juice, or a combination of all. 

*Simple syrup: reduce 4 cups water and 4 cups sugar down to half over medium heat. 

Written by: Vivian Lizarraga

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