Slickrock Belize Adventures: Muy’Ono’s Newest Member Is Simply Paradise

by Larry Waight

Ever wondered what happens to your mind and body when you discover something new? The changes that take place might surprise you. In fact, consistent new discoveries can even help you live longer, say researchers writing for Brain World magazine. But it gets better. Every time we experience something new, Dopamine is released in the brain, so every pleasure is heightened.


If you’ve been the recipient of this mind — and body –boosting phenomenon, you may not realize that your brain has rewired itself. New places and things energize us and expand our universes. University of Wisconsin professor of neurological surgery, Dr. Christine MacDonald, says that by finding new places to explore and have fun, our ability to handle life’s stressors improves, and when excitement increases your heart rate, the flow of oxygen to the brain improves the way it functions.

Looking for a New Place for Your Fall Vacation?

It’s okay to tell friends and family that you’re planning a break from responsibility and obligations. But you don’t have to tell them that the reason you’ve chosen Muy’Ono’s newest property Slickrock Belize Adventures–located on one of Belize’s most remote islands–is because you’re curious about a holiday escape that offers a truly new vacation experience.


Described as the ultimate Belize adventure lodge, Slickrock offers folks eager for new experiences unique opportunities to enjoy an authentic escape. Intrigued? You should be—especially if you could use a life-changing, off-grid, 8-day hiatus on Long Caye, part of the Glover’s Reef Atoll.


Powered by solar and wind energy, this resort offers everything a curious and active traveler could want. Enjoy a week-long stay in a rustic beach cabana (there are only 16 on the island). Indulge in fresh Belizean island cuisine with communal meals at the island’s dining hall. Then, after fueling up, head over to the dive center, where everything you need to pursue new aquatic sports is found.

Disconnect and Unwind at This Far-Flung Rustic Getaway

Slickrock is the antidote to the indifferent staffers, crowds of tourists, and overpriced room rates at hotels that may have plagued you in the past. The 8-day All-Inclusive Adventure Vacation Package covers everything you’ll need for your island soujourn. Plus, you can customize your stay by adding additional activities or just hanging out and enjoying the simplicity of island life.


Swap the cold end-of-year weather for sunshine, magnificent star-filled nights, and opportunities to reconnect with your travel partner or yourself. Take advantage of the current “last-minute vacation special” that offers a 10% discount on your 8-day escape. Given the size of the island and the winnowing days of 2023, you’ll need to act fast. 

Slickrock Belize Adventures: the Perfect Way to End Your Year

Revel in every moment of your escape at Slickrock. Enjoy leaving behind the accoutrements of modern-day living and sojourn with like-minded guests who appreciate solitude and simplicity. Friendly guides oversee every activity and meals prepared by the island’s chef are delicious.

This rare opportunity to divorce yourself from the pressures of a busy lifestyle has no equal. And while you may not feel the changes taking place in your mind and body during your hiatus, take our word for it: you’ll experience a new lease on life after eight days in paradise.

All Photos courtesy of Slickrock Belize Adventures & Muy’Ono Resorts

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