The Spa-Luxe Resort in Placencia, Belize To Keep On Your Radar This Winter

by Larry Waight

Vacation can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but the desire to escape cold and dreary winters for something more tropical is a common desire as the nights grow darker. It’s a desire that’s drawn people from all around the world to Belize, and Naia Resort & Spa has been getting particular attention as of late. At a time when people are taking vacations again, that means it’s time to indulge in themselves once again. Part is location, but it’s mostly Naia’s meticulous and thoughtful approach to design, service, and accommodations. They benefit from their beachfront location on the Placencia Peninsula and Caribbean flair, but Naia also makes the most of their spa-luxe space in a way that few other resorts in Belize even have the amenities to do. This Belize resort is definitely one to keep on your radar this winter.

Placencia: A Storybook Paradise

The Placencia Peninsula at sunrise. Image by Kevin Quischan Photography

The island of Ambergris Caye remains the hottest tourist destination in Belize, but the Placencia Peninsula falls into something of a Goldilocks Zone: popular enough to have developed infrastructure, businesses, and tourist options but not so overcrowded to solely have become a tourist trap. But Placencia’s greatest claim to fame is its geographical peculiarity. As a peninsula only a half-mile wide, you’re always within reach of the beach.


An aerial of Placencia at sunset. Image via Naia Resort & Spa

And due to its position along Belize’s southeast corner, it serves as the ideal gateway to both the Caribbean Sea and the mountains, valleys, rivers, and jungle that make up the interior. The three main communities on the Placencia Peninsula — Placencia Village, Maya Beach, and Seine Bight — each have their own unique sense of personality, but they’re all fascinating and worth exploring in their own way.

Naia Resort & Spa: More Than Just a Room With a View

Naia Resort & Spa is about delivering the curated experience in Placencia you’ve dreamed of, but that vision is going to look quite different depending on whether you’re traveling the world solo, trying to create the perfect romantic getaway with your partner, or getting extravagant with your family reunion. Fortunately, there is a range of different accommodations at Naia. From the compact studio beach houses to the cozy and remote two-bedroom villas to the sprawling five-bedroom ultimate beach house, you can find something that suits your party. And no matter what room you book, you can be confident knowing you’ll have a superb view paired with both modern amenities and local art and furniture that creates a vibe unique to your experience. And if you decide you love it here, you can even purchase a property on the resort’s grounds.

Naia Spa: The Luxuriation You Deserve

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to spend your whole vacation relaxing, and Naia Spa is equipped to provide you with whatever your body, mind, and soul need right at this Placencia resort. Tucked away within deep jungle canopies and sequestered from the din of daily life, Naia Spa takes your comfort and growth seriously. 

You can spend all day checking out the gorgeous view from the spa pool or venture inside to select from a full menu of treatments that incorporate a range of local ingredients and Naia’s signature spa products. Or if you’re feeling more proactive, you’re always welcome to join in with a local yoga or fitness class. 

Naia Dining: Curated Tastes For Varied Appetites

People come from all over the world to see the marine wildlife of the Belize Barrier Reef, but the fresh cuisine on offer is overlooked — and it’s especially worth checking out in winter. Both queen conch and spiny lobster are in season during most of the winter, and the temperate climate of this season means there’s both fresh seafood and great local produce in season as well. And while Placencia Village offers plenty of dining options a mere fifteen minutes from the resort, you never need to leave the Naia property to have a satisfying meal. The resort is home to three different restaurants. 1981 provides classic Belizean cuisine with a modern flair, while Reflection Spa offers a variety of snacks and drinks to enjoy during your spa visit, and you can get a wide variety of laidback and traditional favorites at the Beach Bar and Grill.

Naia’s Vacation Packages: See the parts of Belize that interests younaia-kayaking-placencia

Kayaking the west side of Naia Resort & Residencies. People come to Belize to relax, but they also come to adventure, explore, and soak up the local culture. No matter what experience you want to prioritize, Naia can help deliver on that promise and help you save money and energy in the process.

You can treat mom with a digital detox package or make sure the whole family has something to do with the ultimate family package. Whether you’re honeymooning or traveling solo, there’s something to suit every taste. And because of Naia’s perfect location, you’ll have the chance to seamlessly shift from excursions in the jungle to adventures on the high seas.

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