Spend 7 Dreamy Nights in Belize with This Sister Resort Package.

by Andrea Murray

Imagine seven blissful nights immersed in the beauty of Belize, where you get the chance to experience both dense green jungles and the coral reefs of this little jewel. Now, imagine every moment infused with a sense of adventure and relaxation. What if I told you that in Belize, there are two sister resorts offering this ideal package? Gaia Riverlodge and Matachica Resort, set worlds apart from each other, are offering the perfect 7-night stay in Belize. If you’re curious about what this enticing package entails, then I’m here to share with you what you can expect from each resort along the way. One thing is certain:  you’ll get to enjoy one destination through countless unique and unforgettable experiences. 

Gaia Riverlodge: A Haven in the Heart of the Forest (Western Belize)

Your journey begins with three nights at Gaia Riverlodge. Here you will take in the mountains and experience the jungle in a multitude of ways. The Gaia team will personally greet you at the International Airport and provide ground transportation to the lodge. On your way, you will get to witness the picture-perfect views of Western Belize. Throughout your three-night stay, expect adventure at every turn.

Explore the untamed beauty of Belize through expertly curated excursions that promise to satisfy your wanderlust. Embark on a day trip to the legendary ruins of Caracol, the largest Maya site in Belize. Along the way, you can visit the famous Rio Frio Cave and cool off in the crystalline waters of Rio On Pools. 

On the following days,  explore the underworld of Western Belize at the Offering Cave. This one is for the true thrill seekers. Accompanied by a guide, you’ll ride in a Polaris for 30-40 minutes, followed by a 15-minute hike to reach the cave entrance. Inside, you will encounter beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. As you descend deeper into the cave and explore its chambers, you’ll uncover ancient artifacts like Mayan “pots” used in the rituals of offering to the Mayan deities. These encounters are sure to evoke questions and stories, leaving behind thoughts of ancient times.

Or, for those seeking something less intense, explore the ancient Barton Creek Cave, where you’ll paddle your way through its depths. Choose to cap off your adventure with an adrenaline-pumping zip-lining experience or a visit to the enchanting Green Hill Butterfly Farm – the choice is yours. 

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After days filled with adventure and exploration, return to Gaia Riverlodge to unwind, and recharge at the Five Sister Waterfalls situated right below the lodge. 

Matachica Resort & Spa: A Slice of Paradise on the Caribbean Coast

Next, it’s time to unwind on the beautiful shores of the Caribbean Sea at Matachica Resort and Spa. This retreat exudes laid-back luxury, with beautiful tropical colors, palm trees, and white sand beaches setting the vibes for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Here, your accommodations for the remainder of your trip will be inside one of a handful of stylish thatched-roof casitas. Each is adorned with handcrafted Belizean artwork and features private verandas with views of the sea and beautiful gardens. At Matachica there’s no shortage of activities. You can dive or snorkel near the Belize Barrier Reef, or simply relax on the beach with a delicious and refreshing cocktail made to your taste. 

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Then, at the award-winning Mambo Restaurant, enjoy the flavors of Belize and beyond.  At Mambo, fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and international food come together to create unique dining experiences. 

With Gaia and Matachica’s Reef and Rainforest Package, you’ll experience the best of both worlds – the untamed beauty of the Belizean rainforest and the idyllic and peaceful Caribbean coast. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, this dreamy getaway promises memories that will last a lifetime. Book the package here

Photos courtesy of Gaia and Matachica

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