7 Tips to Live in Placencia, Belize

by Larry Waight

Many retirees and expatriates have found a warm home in the Placencia Peninsula of Southern Belize. If you’re planning to join them, here are seven tips to help you get settled. 

1. It’s easy to use a Local Realtor 

The Placencia Peninsula. Photo by Kevin Quischan Photography

If you haven’t found a home yet, it’s best to use a local realtor. Many great buys and rentals don’t advertise. They rely on word of mouth and can disappear quickly. A real estate expert in the area can keep an eye on those deals. When you’re ready, reach out to top recommend local agents like Sunrise Realty and Vista Real Estate

2. Placencia’s nightlife

Nightlife is laidback in the village. Photo courtesy Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar & Grill

Placencia is lively compared to other beach destinations in Belize. There are restaurants, clubs and beach bars. Your dining options range from cheap, tasty street food to elegant fine dining and everything in between. There are social events and parties everywhere (Make sure to check out the Placencia Lobsterfest and The Placencia Sidewalk and Arts Festival). 

3. It’s still affordable


Ambergris Caye is another popular spot, but Placencia’s prices are more reasonable. It’s also on the mainland, so it’s easier to conduct business and buy the things you need at lower prices. Since Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are islands, you have to be satisfied with what’s available there or travel to the mainland.

4. It’s safe – but be cautious


Sunset in Placencia. Image courtesy Kevin Quischan Photography

Placencia is a safe area, but you should never tempt fate. Some people who own property in Placencia leave it empty during the slow season (May to October). If you’re not going to live in your home for several months, you should take extra security measures. Install alarms, lock your valuables in your garage or storage unit, and hire a house sitter.

5. GPS not necessary

Does GPS work in Belize? Opinions are split. Most people say GPS is useless for finding directions here. It can be helpful for helping you get oriented and figuring out where you are. Belize is a small country with only four major highways, so it’s not difficult to find your way around.

6. It’s Cooler

turtle inn beach swing coppola

Turtle Inn on the Placencia Peninsula is a Family Coppola Hideaway in Belize. Photo courtesy property

Placencia feels cooler to live in than other parts of the country. The Placencia Peninsula is a narrow strip between the Caribbean Sea and the Placencia Lagoon. This means it gets constant, cooling sea breezes from all directions. Many residents find they don’t even need air conditioning. If you do get hot, you can always cool off in the water or at a shady beach bar.

7. On Belize Time

When you’re in Belize, life moves at a slower, less stressful pace. If you can’t get used to that, your impatience will get in the way of your enjoyment. If you’re ready to slow down and enjoy life, then you’re ready for Belize. 

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