Trade Cold Weather and Turkey Dinner for Sun and Seaside Eats at These Beach Bars

by Giulissa Hernandez

Tired of the cold’s icy grip and the same old turkey dinner routine in November? Then it might be high time for a tropical retreat! Picture this: sandy shores, the soothing sound of waves, and the clink of glasses under the warm sun. It’s time to trade your end-of-year woes for sun-soaked beach bars, where the breeze carries laughter and joy along with the aroma of delicious seaside delights. Look to Belize’s beaches for a tropical respite. Here, the cold weather and traditional feasts take a backseat to the joys of sun and seaside eats. 

Tipsy Tuna: Sunset Sips and Beachside Pics

Location: The Tipsy Strip in Placencia Village

Nestled on the golden shores of Placencia, Tipsy Tuna stands as a testament to the art of relaxation. Picture yourself sinking into a beachside seat with a fruity concoction in hand. As the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, you’ll be basking in the taste of your delicious cocktail.

Photo Credit: Tipsy Tuna

Tipsy’s easygoing atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to unwind. Indulge in their signature drinks and treat your taste buds to a fusion of tropical flavors. (We recommend starting off with a Rum-Popo Colada!) 

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Rhum Shack: Where the Rum Flows Like the Ocean Waves

Location: Hopkins Bay Resort in Hopkins Village

Photo Credit: Hopkins Bay Belize

For those seeking a lively beach bar with a touch of Caribbean charm, Rhum Shack is your destination. Found at Hopkins Bay, this vibrant spot is a celebration of all things rum. Sip on expertly crafted rum cocktails that dance with the essence of the islands. (Try their famous piña colada!)

Photo Credit: Hopkins Bay Belize

As the night goes on, let rhythmic Caribbean beats carry you away. Rhum Shack’s beachfront setting, complete with swaying palm trees and the scent of the sea, makes it a haven for those looking to escape the cold and embrace the warmth of the tropics. Ask for the grilled catch of the day and a margarita for dinner and be soothed by the gorgeous scenery.

The Lazy Lizard: Laidback Days With “Lizard Juice”

Location: The Split, Caye Caulker 

Lazy Lizard Caye Caulker Lobster Fest

This beachside watering hole is one of Caye Caulker’s most well-known bars. Found at the Split, The Lazy Lizard invites travelers to kick off their shoes as soon as they arrive. Bury your toes in the sand and savor the carefree atmosphere of a true beach bar.

As the gentle lapping of waves accompanies soca soundtracks, indulge in a feast of seaside eats that go beyond the traditional turkey fare. Freshly grilled seafood, tropical salads, and flavorful bites await, offering a culinary escape that perfectly complements the sun-drenched ambiance. Pair it with a cup of “lizard juice” – the tantalizingly green drink that’s as strong as it is brightly colored. You can stay at this spot all day long and never tire. Trust us, we know!

Featured: Rhum Shack. Photo by Hopkins Bay Resort 

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