Travellers Liquors Ltd’s Newest ‘Belizean Blue’ Rum Launches Locally

by Carolee Chanona

Befitting of Belize’s celebratory month, the country’s oldest distillery just introduced its latest addition to the local market on September 16: introducing Belizean Blue by Travellers Liquors Ltd. First pitched during a European show by Jacko Kroon of The Netherlands, the Belizean Blue is the first international brand created under the Travellers portfolio, launched in Europe with Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. During the launch, General Manager Perla Perdomo shared, “There are thousands of rums in the world on the market, but there is a niche market for handcrafted blends. It’s how whiskey was first introduced, though we’re in the infant stages [with this quality of rum].”

On its label, you’ll even find a majority of the destination’s national symbols, including the keel-billed toucan, Baird’s tapir, and blue morpho butterfly. In addition to celebrating our collective civic pride, the Belizean Blue is made to be enjoyed neat—a limited edition sipping rum.

“My dad, the founder of Travellers, used to say aged rum is the poor man’s whiskey. But not anymore; for those people that want to appreciate it, savor it, this is the rum. It’s time to celebrate,” says Magali Gabb, second-generation of Travellers Liquors Ltd. “Thanks to my [late] dad and brother who began the aging process years ago, we are where we are today.”

The new Belizean Blue is available in 700 mls at the Travellers Liquors Museum & Heritage Center for $45 USD per bottle, at The EXPO Belize Market Place this weekend, and Travellers Liquors San Pedro. Additionally, the Belizean Blue joins Navy Island Jamaica, a fellow homage to culture and history in the form of rum by J. Kroon.


Belizean Blue is a blend of the finest Belizean rums aged for up to 7 years in ex-bourbon oak barrels. Crafted in Belize from locally grown, fair-trade sugarcane, this unique rum blend has a sweet and spicy flavor profile with hints of coconut and vanilla, thanks to its ex-bourbon casts. This versatile ‘Signature Blend’ can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks at 40% ABV, but also provides an excellent basis for creating signature cocktails.

Producing rich, dark, fruity Travellers One Barrel since the 1950s, the Belizean brand has won numerous signature awards, including the Silver Medal for Best Flavored Rum for 2022 by TheFiftyBest for its Kuknat Rum.

Header image courtesy Travellers Liquors Ltd. All other images via Carolee Chanona.

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