United Brings Over 4,000 Americans Home on Repatriation Flights

by Carolee Chanona

Though now is not the time to travel, some international travelers were left stranded by immediate border closures and government travel restrictions. Likely, when visitors were already out of the country on vacation or business. Amongst the countries of stranded? Our Belize. Understandably so, most are scrambling to get home on a repatriation flight during the coronavirus global outbreak.

Fortunately, U.S. airlines are trying to get these folks back stateside with a number of repatriation flights. In cases where countries like Belize have blocked international flights or closed airports, the airlines work along with the U.S. State Department on one-off flights to bring nationals back home.

In the past two weeks, United Airlines has led the charge with over 30 repatriation flights across Central and South America, including Belize. On April 16th, 2020, United will be working alongside the US Embassy Belize for the next scheduled repatriation flight. So far, United has brought over 4,500 Americans home, and is still planning more flights in coordination with government officials. Airlines continue to be essential to the travel industry, despite the financial losses they’ve taken during the pandemic.

 Despite demand plummeting for regular service, airlines have taken it upon themselves to bring their country’s citizens back home. Through countless repatriation flights, the major U.S. carriers are helping reunite families and bring people back together again.” – Zach Griff

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