Wellness Travel: Find Inner Peace at this Muy’Ono Resort in 2023

by Khaila Gentle

It’s official: an increase in wellness travel is set to be one of the big trends for travel in 2023. And it comes as no surprise. Seeking respite from the stressors and hectic demands of day to day life, many seek refuge in places that will allow them to relax and leave feeling rejuvenated.  According to Wellness holiday specialist Health and Fitness Travel, that includes body immunity retreats and “workactions”. But wellness travel doesn’t have to equate to working where you vacation and immunity enhancing therapies.  It can also simply look like this:

Or this:

Some studies have suggested that spending time in nature is one of the best ways to improve our mental (and even physical) wellbeing. And at Copal Tree Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort, guests get to do that and then some.  Voted one of Travel + Leisure’s Most Beautiful Jungle Hotels in the World,  this all inclusive judge lodge sits in the middle of the Belizean rainforest in the Toledo district.

Embrace the incomparable serenity that can be found at this eco-adventurer’s paradise, surrounded on all fronts by lush green forest. Here’s how you can find inner peace at Copal Tree Lodge this new year.

Unwind in The Wild

Copal Tree Lodge ecotourism belize destination Toledo

Photo via Copal Tree Lodge

Copal Tree Lodge sits perched over Belize’s Rio Grande River. Even more notably though, this luxurious jungle lodge is nestled in the heart of 12,000 acres of untamed rainforest. Listen to the sounds of nature as you explore the surrounding foothills of the Maya Mountains. Or allow yourself to tune out everything that’s not the present when you paddle down the river. Surrounded by nothing but lush greenery and the open sky above, the on site experiences at this Muy’Ono Resort alone are enough to help anyone destress.

But if that’s not enough, Copal Tree Lodge also offers cultural and adventure experiences that allow guests to immerse themselves in all that is Belize. Whether it’s visiting the roaring Rio Blanco Falls or stepping back in time at Nim Li Punit, guests get to explore all that this vibrant Caribbean nation has to offer.

Sun Salutations and Vinyasa at Dawn

Salute the sun as it slowly rises above the forest canopy. Belize’s Muy’Ono Resorts are renowned for their wellness retreats, and Copal Tree Lodge is no exception. Fully reconnect with both nature and yourself when you visit their yoga palapa. A 1,090 square-foot open space overlooking the stunning jungle surroundings, it was built with sustainably-harvested wood.

Planning a trip to Belize in 2023? Then consider signing up for one of the many yoga retreats being hosted at Copal Tree Lodge this new year.

Wellness for the Mind and the Body

copal tree lodge breakfast wellness

Copal Tree Lodge also boasts a farm-to-table all inclusive restaurant. Copal Tree Farm is the first organic certified farm in Belize and supplies more than 70% of the food used at the resort. At the Garden Table Restaurant, skilled chefs prepare foods that are culturally significant, fresh, flavorful, and satisfying. Here, guests get to nourish not only their minds but their bodies as well.

All photos courtesy Copal Tree Lodge, A Muy’Ono Resort. 

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