Paradise Found at Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins

by Larry Waight
hamanasi paradise found

Are you a big city person or are you more of a townie? There’s a difference, you know. Travelers tend to feel most comfortable in areas that suit their personalities in much the same way that anyone buying a home will gravitate toward a big vibrant city or a small town. Luckily, Belize offers visitors plenty of variety. Regardless of whether a traveler is seeking the excitement of parties 24/7, or they want to get to know the heart and soul of an area, Belize has it all. But if the latter most appeals to your sensibilities, then you will surely find nirvana in the small village paradise that is Hopkins. Here’s why:

1. A Colorful History

Photo via Belize Tourism Board

Hopkins is a small coastal village in southern Belize. It is home to the Garinagu, a people whose history is both arduous and intriguing. Generations ago, a capsized slave trade vessel on the shores of Saint Vincent and encounters with the island’s indigenous people led to the emergence of the Garinagu. Exiled by the British from their homeland (Yurumein), they eventually made their way over to Central America. Many settled in places like Roatan in Honduras and Dangriga, Barranco, and Hopkins in Belize. Today, the traditions and culture of the Garinagu remain as fascinating and as rich as they always were.

2. Rich Culture

hamanasi resort belize garifuna drummers singers

A Wanaragua Dancer. Photo Courtesy of Hamanasi

If you are fascinated by art and culture, Hopkins will both delight and fascinate you. Garifuna cultural influences pervade throughout the village. For travelers who purposefully schedule their visits during the Garifuna Settlement Day festivities in November, the sky is the limit. Think celebratory dancing, singing, performances and rituals that salute the history, ethnology, and lifestyle the Garinagu have worked hard to maintain since establishing their presence in Hopkins. Be forewarned: You’re going to wind up dancing to the beat of intoxicating drums!

3. The Culinary Scene

Hopkins’ culinary scene is amazing, so forget your diet during your stay! Options range from small, beachfront bars to gourmet cafes and specialty eateries delivering Caribbean, African, Belizean, Spanish and American cuisine. You won’t find a McDonald’s or a Burger King in Hopkins, but you won’t care because it’s impossible to get a bad meal anywhere. Best of all, delicacies, like perfectly prepared seafood dishes, won’t come with the heart-stopping prices you find back home.

4. Hopkins is A Mecca for Nature Lovers and Aquatic Sport Enthusiasts.

hamanasi belize at night adventure

Hamanasi at night, taken by guest Shaun Hunter.

The beaches are pristine and an absence of crowds makes this area one of Belize’s most restful and relaxing getaways you’ll ever experience. Hopkins’ has a small-town charm, owed to the fact that it’s filled with genuine, heartwarmingly friendly folks. Both residents and businesses are dedicated to maintaining the areas environmental integrity, especially since the village offers proximity to the nation’s most popular natural wonder: The Belize Barrier Reef. There’s rainforests, Maya sites and plenty of picturesque landscapes to explore here. Plus, the heart and soul of this village is an inspiration to everyone who visits.

Why Stay at Hamanasi Resort When You Visit Hopkins

Wondering if you’ll have to devote precious vacation time to planning every detail of your sojourn so that everything’s in place when you arrive? Not if you choose Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort as your home away from home. Hamanasi’s all inclusive-packages offer a variety of experiences in addition to covering your lodging, food, and onsite activities.

This resort delivers. Hamanasi is home to the #1 restaurant in Hopkins. And, their adventure menu has no equal. It also goes without saying that this beautiful property—with its wide range of exceptional amenities—has become the epicenter of romantic getaways in southern Belize.

Come for the serenity. Stay for the vibe, the seashore, the people, and all the surprises only found in Hopkins. Treat yourself to the vacation you thought existed only in your wildest fantasies, and that’s exactly the experience you’ll enjoy from the moment step foot onto the sandy shores of a resort sure to remind you of Eden.


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