What to look out for in March!

by McNab Editorial Team

Events in March

March in Belize is definitely something to consider. This month has the perfect sunny weather to be out by the sea enjoying the March breeze or to go cave tubing in the cooling water. Of course, those aren’t the only activities that can be done in Belize during this lovely weather. Try visiting San Pedro for the annual carnival called “El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro” and be a part of this colorful celebration. Apart from that, take a trip by the river to watch “La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge” unfold. Those are the big events happening during this month.

El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro

From the 3rd through 5th of March San Pedro is more colorful and vibrant than it usually is. This Carnaval is usually celebrated a week before lent. Enjoy three days of painting and expressing yourself as the carnival mood kicks in. Each day there is something special to do with the first day being mostly for the children and the last day is the biggest day for everyone to end off the celebration with a bang. Visitors have fun as they watch beautiful performances by groups, listen to lively music, play paint fights in the middle of the street or even experiencing the local culture. Everyone is preparing for this exciting event since it only comes once a year. So get in the carnival mood and join us as we celebrate. Don’t forget to wear clothes you don’t mind being painted on since it’s going to be messy.

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Usher

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge

This four-day intense canoe race starts on March 8 in San Ignacio and ends on March 11 in Belize City. Teams from all over Belize as well as from other countries participate in this race to take the big trophy home. Along the river are many station prizes that the teams compete for. Follow the race by the river banks and cheer them on.

This year marks 21 years since the race started. It originally began as a race to raise awareness about the Old Belize River and to protect this natural resource while at the same time enjoying the sport. Mark your calendars!

Other events for March:

11th In lieu of National Heroes and Benefactors Day.

14th San Cas Belmopan Cycling Classic

27th San Jose Succotz Fiesta

31st San Ignacio Easter Fair

Written by CC+L editorial team

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