Capturing The Cover: The Blue Hole from Above with Maya

by McNab Editorial Team
Blue Hole of Belize

The Great Blue Hole is one of Belize’s natural wonders. It is the largest marine sinkhole in the world, measuring 407 feet in depth. It is also the only Blue Hole visible from space! What continues to attract divers to this natural beauty are the huge stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the ceiling and floor. Its reputation precedes it as the second exploration of its depths was conducted late last year. The famous Fabien Cousteau, Jacques’s grandson, and his crew took part in this scientific expedition. While the exploration happened below, the Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle team watched from above. Call it inquisitiveness or as we say in Belize “intafeerin,” the scenic view aboard a Maya plane was an adventure within itself. Watching the support vessels, BELIZE AGGRESSOR III and Research Vessel Brooks McCall, fringing the Blue Hole was enough to swell the pride of everyone aboard the aircraft. 

The Maya Island Air Blue Hole Tour

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An aerial view like no other: the Great Blue Hole. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

You can set your sights on this magnificent wonder on the Maya Blue Hole tour. It offers the excitement of experiencing a bird’s eye view of the Belize Barrier Reef and its length of jewel-toned beauty. In addition, they offer an important perspective on the need to protect the natural wonders of our marine life.

Images Courtesy: Leonardo Melendez

An hour in the air you are taken over by well-known sites like Shark Ray Alley, Turneffe Atoll, the Ocean Freighter Wreck, and Lighthouse Reef. Of course, the highlight of the tour is a perfect view of the Great Blue Hole. It is certainly a priceless moment.

The Adventure We took For The Cover Shoot

This Blue Hole Tour is one we took to shoot the cover of our latest Adventure Issue. Without the assistance of Maya Island Air, we wouldn’t have caught the perfect shot, which was taken by none other than Leonardo Melendez. On the tour, we watched as hues of turquoise and seafoam green turned into deep navy. We enjoyed the breathtaking view of what the Jewel has to offer. As a result, we ended the day with a new appreciation for this unique destination.

Visit Maya Island Air to book your Blue Hole tour! Check out the Adventure Issue to read more about our trip. 

Written by CC+L editorial team

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