Your Perfect Happy Start To Forever: Honeymooning in Belize

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You’ve been dreaming of your wedding all your life—the most perfect, shining moment in a sea of many, reflected back at you in that cherished instance of yes. Your love is familiar. It is known. It is as it always has been. Except, it’s not. Is it? Because you will hold fast to hands you’ve recognized from the very first moment they found yours—so well, you must have known each other in any other life, in any other form. (The cardinal and the waterlily, the raindrop and the high-stretched blade of grass—one of them was you, you’re sure.)

You will look into the eyes of someone whose future is so messily and wonderfully entangled with yours, and find you no longer care for order or design. Most of all, you will vow that nothing short of your last breath could ever part you, and probably not even then.

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And you will learn that love doesn’t necessarily have to be this, or as it was yesterday, or as it will be tomorrow. Change is the only thing you can rely on and that’s the best kind of paradox there is.

To Honeymoon

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding all your life. But none of it—not the childhood drawings in cheap crayons that kept snapping between your fingers nor the wistful sighs watching cartoon characters earn their happily-ever-afters—will ever compare to what you will find there.

Company of which you will never tire and lives together sealed in a kiss and a hereafter that shines with promise. But more than that, you will have someone through all of it, to share within faultless, even halves. It will be what you’ve deserved all this time.

It will be perfect.

Where to go from there can be a little more complicated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. At the Belize Collection, we know we have our work cut out for us, living up to that perfect moment. But we are confident in our ability to do it anyway.

Belize’s Jungle or Sea: Excitement & Ease In Tandem

Choose exhilaration in the Belizean rainforests, giggles and rivers at high sun, horseback riding and trees to trust with all your secrets, ceaseless mountains and noiseless privacy, and choose a secluded celebration of love at the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.

Or go for something altogether different.

Go for the Lodge at Jaguar Reef, for a bustling village and a sense of community, for saltwater swims and explorations along the reef, for sand shaken out of hair and golden tan lines under bathing suits, for the hush and fizz of the foaming sea at dawn, and for excitement and ease in tandem.

Whether it’s the jungle or the sea for which your heart sings, our honeymoon packages see to it that this sojourn is one entirely worthy of your love.


Your Belize honeymoon package entitles you to 7 nights of pampering and indulgence from beaming beginning to reluctant conclusion. Start off your vacation with a private transfer from our international airport to the resort of your choice, where you will be greeted with a bottle of champagne and a fruit platter—a staple of any Caribbean excursion. Also waiting for you is a free welcome drink—sip on saccharine cocktails while a member of our staff orients you with the property.

At the Belize Collection, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of your soul, but that doesn’t mean we slack off on material necessities either. We offer a full menu plan, catered specifically for your tastes to ensure every meal dazzles in every conceivable way, as well as either a 90- or 60-minute massage to work the knots of travel out of your system. You will also have the option of a private, romantic dinner set up on the night of your choice—just you, your partner, the stars, and some really great food.

Dictate Your Own Thrills—Together—in Belize

Beyond the stretch of the resort grounds, your honeymoon holiday package also allows you up to 4 standard tours—a plentiful opportunity to explore the coast and countryside while surrounding yourself with bounds of unending culture and beguiling people—and turn-down service. That means days of ventures and adventures, and, ultimately, evenings of coming home and collapsing into a perfectly made bed.

But don’t limit yourself to our options, it is not for us to dictate your thrills. So, chase them at your own convenience. We offer complimentary access to our additional features, including bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear, for precisely this.

You’ve had your perfect wedding. Now book your honeymoon holiday with the Belize Collection and let us show you why it was not your happy ending, but rather your perfect happy start.

All images not captioned courtesy the Belize Collection

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