4 Things To Do When Vacationing With Your Grandkids in Belize

by Dion Vansen

Traveling to Belize as a family can ultimately be a unique, adventurous and fun experience. Now that schools are closed for the summer, it may be time for that multigenerational family trip, where you can share the experience with everyone in the family, especially the grandkids. Look no more and find out why Belize could be the perfect destination! In Belize, there is so much to choose from. What do you want to do? There are enough water activities along the pristine coast of this young country in the northeast part of Central America with the majestic Caribbean Sea to the east. From adventures on its Cayes (islands), along its barrier reef (second largest in the world) to lush and dense rainforests teeming with wildlife, educational sanctuaries, and archaeological gems. If you’re starting your itinerary, here are 4 things to do with your grandkids while vacationing in Belize. 

Wildlife education with The Belize Zoo

BelizeZoo6 toucan

The Belize Zoo was Belize’s first wheelchair accessible nature destination.

The Belize Zoo, only a short 30-minute drive west of Belize City, is a great opportunity to introduce the grandkids to the native animals of this country. Some of these include the king of the Belizean rainforests, the jaguar. There is also the opportunity to see our national animals, like the Tapir and Keel Billed Toucan, alongside many other beauties like the colorful scarlet macaw, harpy eagle, spider monkey, and many more. The Zoo also has an educational center where information is shared about the different species of wildlife looked after in this tiny zoo, nicknamed the best little zoo in the world. 

Visit national parks

Are your grandkids ready for some hiking and adventure under the rainforest canopy? Then say no more and head to Mayflower Bocawina National Park in Southern Belize. This 7,000-acre park is considered ideal to explore with young kids in tow. The fun activities include hiking to amazing viewpoints where the native wildlife can admire. There is also the opportunity for birding, swimming at the base of waterfalls, visiting unexcavated Maya ruins, and one of the exhilarating activities, ziplining through the rainforest. As a family, you can even experience a jungle all-inclusive experience by staying in the park’s eco-lodge too.  

Conquer the climb of Maya temples

Cahal Pech Maya Site belize cayo

Cahal Pech Maya Site. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

There are hundreds of ancient Maya sites across the country, but some of the most popular are in the northern Orange Walk District and the western Cayo District. Learn more about this interesting civilization of whom we still find their ancestors in the country. The temple of Altun Ha is north of Belize City, proclaimed for the fame of where the famous Jade Head was found. Farther north near Orange Walk Town is the temple of Lamanai, featuring amazing architecture and an opportunity to experience the local wildlife as well. If you head west around the San Ignacio area you can opt for Cahal Pech a stone’s throw from downtown, or outside of town to Xunantunich. The latter, located in San Jose Succotz, can be reached via a hand-cranked ferry over the Mopan River; a mile later, either by drive or hike, delivers you to this beautiful ruin shaped like a castle.

Snorkel the second largest reef in the world 

Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef. Image via Matachica Resort

You can’t visit Belize and not include a trip to the reef in your itinerary for some underwater exploration. Head to the islands, either Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye. Book a day trip with a tour operator, such as Ambergris divers or Xsite Belize located on Ambergris Caye, and have the time of a lifetime snorkeling the underwater world with hotspots such as the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Explore the coral gardens, swim with nurse sharks and sting rays, and if you’re lucky, glide alongside sea turtles and manatees who are sometimes part of the activity too. 

Header image via Belize Tourism Board.

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