6 Comments About Belize Which Are Actually Lies  

by Larry Waight
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Belize is a beautiful country that has much to recommend itself to travelers. It has world class scuba diving and is a haven for Eco-tourists. The people are warm and friendly, and the country is rich in culture. While more Americans and other Westerners have been traveling to Belize in recent years, still, many have misconceptions about this tiny nation in Central America. Here are six of the most common falsehoods that people still believe about Belize.

No one speaks English

Many people might hesitate to visit Belize due to apprehensions about communication. They should put their minds at ease. Belize is very easy for travelers to get around since English is the official language. This is because Belize used to be a British colony and has retained the Queen’s tongue. While you’ll find that many people speak Spanish, they will be able to communicate with you in English since they learn it in school. You’ll also find that road signs are in English, which makes it easy to get around.

It gets too hot

A rainstorm rolls in towards St. George’s Caye. Photo by Carolee Chanona

Well, Belize is a tropical country. So, if you are looking for a snow-skiing vacation, then it will not be for you. However, most people love Belize’s climate. Daily highs hover in the 80s and lows seldom drop below 70 degrees. While it can get humid in the coastal areas, sea breezes help keep it pleasant. The climate allows you to enjoy sports such as snorkeling, diving and sailing year-round.

The cost of living is too high

brunch cocktails rain restaurant grand caribe

Brunch with a view. Photo courtesy Rain Restaurant

If you want to buy exclusively items imported from Europe or North America, then perhaps this might be true. However, thanks to Belize’s agricultural bounty as well as the richness of its coast, it’s possible to enjoy a very high standard of living for a reasonable price. You can find fresh, organic fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s markets as well as delicious local cheeses and other artisan goods. Seafood is reasonably priced and incredibly fresh. And if you crave soda, it’s not more expensive and is made with real sugar!

Belize is no different from Guatemala or Honduras

Photo by Maya Island Air

While each of these is a Central American country, they each have a different history and culture. Belize is unique due to its colonization by the British instead of the Spanish, for example, and it has strong ties with other Caribbean countries as well.

Belize is completely rural

work vacation belize umaya village

Photo courtesy Umaya Village

While it’s true that Belize has miles of pristine wilderness thanks to the country’s commitment to preserving its natural spaces, it also has all of the modern amenities and infrastructure you could desire. You’ll find no problems accessing high-speed internet or having decent cell phone coverage.

Belize is an island


Atop a ruin in Xunantunich Maya Site. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Belize is part of the mainland of Central America. It does have strong ties to the Caribbean and has hundreds of small islands off its coast. Many of them, such as Ambergris Caye, are premium tourist destinations. However, the country is not an island.

Hopefully, this article has corrected any misinformation about Belize. It is a lovely, friendly country which is well worth a visit. Plan your visit to Belize today! Header photo courtesy Blue Horizon Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort

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