This Hidden Destination Near Dangriga, Belize Is A Secret Only Locals Know About  

by Larry Waight
waterfall Davis Falls

Dangriga, Belize is a beautiful area on its own, but nearby is one of the best-kept secrets in Belize. The Davis Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can discover anywhere. It is just waiting for you to explore and to experience for yourself, so be sure to go on your next trip to Belize.

About Davis Falls


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Davis Falls is actually considered the second-highest waterfall found in Belize, with the Thousand-Foot Falls being the first. The waterfall is estimated to be 500 feet tall and has a pool at the bottom for you to relax in if you are a strong swimmer. The pool is 75 feet deep at its deepest point, which is why you need to be a strong swimmer to relax. Around the waterfall, you will find a beautiful, dense forest for you to enjoy the sights and even have a picnic if you desire to do so.

Getting to Davis Falls


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You do have to pay in order to get admission into Davis Falls, but it only costs BZ$10. You do have to pay at Citrus Products of Belize, so be sure to stop on your way to the waterfall. Do not try to access the area without a four-wheel-drive vehicle either, as the ride is over eight miles on a dirt road. After you arrive, you do have to complete a two-mile hike in order to reach the waterfall and to take in the beauty for yourself.

Tours of Davis Falls


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If you do not have a four-wheel-drive vehicle for yourself, then there are tours that will take you to Davis Falls. Some of the tours offer a ride through the rainforest on a tractor where you will always have views of the landscape around you. Included in many of these tours are lunches, snacks, and the views that are mentioned in the information above. The tours will last up to seven hours, making it truly worth it and giving you ample time to explore this beautiful hidden secret in Belize.

Go Explore Belize!


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Davis Falls is an extremely beautiful waterfall, considered one of the best throughout all of Belize. It has an impressive height and a beautiful pool at the bottom, as well as a dense rainforest surrounding it. Get in your four-wheel-drive vehicle or book a tour to experience this area for yourself.  

Learn more about waterfalls worth chasing in Belize, and get planning!

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