6 Cool Treats in Belize

Beat Belize heat with some yummy treats to quench that dry palette. Check out these 6 cool, fresh, frozen and refreshing goodies that are unique to our sizzling country.   

On a hot and humid Belizean day, the sound of the ice cream truck jingles has us desiring like a child a yummy and cool treat. Just the thought of the frozen and fresh snow cone melting on your tongue sounds heavenly and brings our body temperature a few degrees down. These goodies are a win with the whole family. Here are a few of the cool treats Belize has available: 

Paletas or Belizean popsicles 

Popular amongst the children of Belize, the ringing sound of the Paletas man making his rounds around the city pushing his white cart filled with brightly colored popsicles. Paletas have flavors originating from fresh fruits and nuts. Common flavors available are soursop (Graviola), peanut, sugar corn, strawberry, chocolate, mango, chamoy, and coconut. There are also stores specializing in this delicious treat such as: 

  •      Las Paletas Belize located on Ambergris Caye 
  •      Chamoyadas- Belize located at Benque Viejo del Carmen 


Magic Shell Chocolate covered frozen bananas topped with the option of peanuts, coconuts, sprinkles or caramel.   

Ice or Snowcone 

Shaved ice drizzled with fruit syrup commonly sold by vendors riding around on a yellow cart. Most station themselves in front of schools waiting to sell to the children after class is dismissed.  

Coconut Water 

Fresh coconut water sold on the street side, zero calories with amazing health benefits. Refreshing and 100% organic cut and poured straight from the coconut. You can see several trucks loaded with coconuts parked on the roadside throughout Belize.  


One of the cheapest treats in Belize and hits the sweet spot. Ideals are ice pops made from native fruits, milk, and peanuts packaged in a clear plastic bag and sold for as low as $0.25 BZ a bag. Fruits that are home to Belize are craboo, soursop, mangos, and custard apple. Also available for adults are spirited ideals such as rum and raisin. These can be bought at most grocery stores and certain companies that specialize in it are: 

Frozen Custard  

A cold dessert similar to ice-cream but made with egg yolks along with cream, sugar, and butterfat. The consistency of its texture is thicker, creamier and feels richer. DandE’s is a famous custard shop in Ambergris Caye serving delicious homemade frozen custard and sorbet. DandE’s produces savory flavors with tropical fruits such as coconut and coconut as well as refreshing sorbets made from real fruit and natural flavors.  

Written by Jiyoung Chehade

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