Plan A Vacation Around This Fishing Calendar in Belize

by Louise Roe

Thinking of planning a fishing vacation? Why not come to Belize. With the Belize Barrier reef stretching across the coast of Belize, it is a fantastic destination for sports fishing. Up for deep sea fishing, inner reef fishing, spearfishing, or fly fishing – you name it, it is all possible with great fishing on the calendar year-round in Belize.   

Wondering when on the calendar to plan your fishing vacation in Belize? 

Despite having fishing year-round, at particular times of the year, you have better luck in catching certain species. Take a look at the fishing calendar for the different species of fish.  

Blue Marlin and White Marlin 

  • The best Months are November – June   
  • Rare Months are August – September  


Sail Fish  

  • Spring is the best time to catch Sail Fish Excellent Months are April – May 
  • The best months are January – March, and June 
  • Rare months are August – September  

King Mackerel  

  • You can catch King mackerel year round but the best months are between April – June 
  • Rare Months are September – January 


  • The Best Months are September – March 
  • Rare Months are May – July 


  • The Best Months are December – January, and April 
  • Excellent Months are February – March 



  • Winter is the best time to catch Wahoo 
  • Excellent Months are November – March 
  • The best months are January – April – October 

Photos Courtesy: Belize Game Fish Association

Mahi Mahi, also known as Dorado 

  • Excellent months are June July 
  • The best months are January – April – May then August to October  


  • The best months are June – November  
  • Excellent months are March-May 


  • You can catch Tarpon year round but the best months are between May – June, and September 
  • Excellent months are July and August 
  • Rare months are DecemberFebruary  

Atlantic Snook  

  • Rare months are July – August  
  • Excellent months are DecemberFebruary  
  • The best months are March and November 

The fish that are relatively great all year round include the Great Barracuda, Snappers, Tuna, Bonefish, and Jack Crevalle. So before coming on your fishing vacation, please touch base with your guide to share with you the requirements for fishing in Belize. Many fishing charters include fishing licenses as part of the package. If they don’t, you will need to purchase one fromBelize’s Coastal Zone Management Authority (CZMA). Additionally, please be aware of the country’s catch and release policy for particular species.  

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