6 Reasons Not to Cancel Your Belize Trip after Coronavirus

by Larry Waight
sailing belize coast catamaran sunset
You’re probably hunkered down, bemoaning everything about your current situation and wondering if things will ever return to normal. Not to worry, you’re in good company. This comes especially if you’ve had to postpone your Belize vacation due to quarantine, financial insecurities or airport closures.

But, even skeptics agree that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. What can you do while the world waits for coronavirus to morph from pandemic to history? Look on the bright side and list your own personal reasons to not cancel your Belize trip.

Need specific reasons to buoy your hope? We offer the following 6. You’ll come up with more. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself packing and feeling twice as grateful for the opportunity to travel as you would have had if your trip took place on its original date.

Reason #1

You’ve got an Internet connection. If you’d like, you can spend all day, every day, browsing Belize websites to offer you hope and the marvels you’ll discover once the virus is over. Soon, you’ll be able to make your escape to paradise. Start here with Lonely Planet’s feature on Belize.

Reason #2

You are lucky enough to have the option of postponing your Belize stay. By the time this nightmare ends, and health officials invite you to return to normal, rabid travelers are going to grab every booking they can get their hands on. You won’t have to worry; the reservation you postponed will still has your name on it. This includes airlines with extended flexibility for travel up to two years.

Reason #3

In lieu of taking your much-needed holiday right now, use the money you’re saving by helping others. There are many worthy Belize charities. Look for one that matches your passion at http://belizengos.org/. Use the NGO membership tab atop the page to find the organization that calls to you. If it’s an animal rights cause, you assure wildlife will be cared for long before you arrive, and after you leave..

Reason #4

You worked too hard getting in shape for your Belize vacation to cancel your trip. Whether you invested time and energy in a fitness program or upgraded your travel wardrobe, now’s the time to tell yourself that your accomplishment will be just as valid in 6 months as it is right now. Maybe, even more so. Hold on to that motivation with free home workouts by Belizean trainers, easily done from anywhere in the world.

Reason #5

By putting off your Belize trip, you could save a bundle. Late summer and fall are notably less expensive. Reschedule your stay for late fall and get the best of all worlds: fewer crowds, affordable hotel rates, no wait times for tours, and sightseeing experiences and no queues at Belize’s amazing restaurants, either. Start your research now with our comprehensive hotel listing.

Reason #6

The Great Barrier Reef, Great Blue Hole, Maya ruins, waterfalls, rainforests, and jungles are not going anywhere! This tropical haven has been around since the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates moved past each other about 80 million years ago. The forests will be just as green, the people just as friendly, and the tourism industry just as delighted to welcome you. Instead, postpone for a date more convenient for you before you cancel.

Thoughts of your postponed Belize vacation can sustain you during this time. Keep tabs on the Belize Tourism Board for the latest news and don’t be surprised if you arrive feeling doubly grateful to enjoy Belize’s gifts once you have weathered this storm! Rest assured, Belize is a destination worth waiting for.

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