Belize To Receive COVAX Shipment This Week; All Caribbean Countries by Early April

by Carolee Chanona

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Dr. Carissa Etienne said Tuesday that by early next month, all Caribbean countries will have received their first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines under the COVAX Facility. In fact, some of them could get theirs by the end of this week. A live tracker on PAHO’s (Pan American Health Organization) website showed supplies are on their way to Suriname, Guyana, Belize and Trinidad & Tobago. Suriname will get 24,000 AstraZeneca doses on Friday, while  Guyana and Belize will get 33,600 each on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. As the recognized procurement agent for COVAX in Latin America and the Caribbean, PAHO’s Revolving Fund negotiates, purchases, and handles shipment logistics on behalf of the 36 countries participating in COVAX. COVAX, the global alliance to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines has helped deliver over 2.2 million doses to the region so far.

Belize’s Nears 20k Adults Vaccinated, and Counting

belize vaccine roll-out campaign

Belize continues to see a decline in new COVID-19 cases and active infections, reporting 2 new infections on average each day. However, the Caribbean country continues to be proactive in its efforts to contain COVID-19. Belize rolled out its national vaccination programme as of March 1, 2021. Being one of the first independent Caribbean nations to do so, Belize announced its 5-phase vaccination roll-out programme; frontline healthcare workers took priority, followed by the most vulnerable persons across the population. As of March 18,  Belize entered Phase 2A. The country first secured 1,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca (COVISHIELD) through a donation from the people and Government of Barbados, then another 25,000 doses directly from the people and Government of India. Belize expects to receive another 100,800 doses before the end of March through the World Health Organization’s COVAX programme.

CARICOM COVID Vaccinations (as of Mar 24)

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As regional vaccination rates trend upward, more people are traveling or planning to travel. Here’s an update on vaccinations in CARICOM member states.
Barbados – 62,765
Cayman Islands 43,023
Bermuda – 34,204 or 32% of the population vaccinated (1 dose) with 20% of population immunized (2 doses) 
Antigua & Barbuda – 25,687 
Jamaica – 26,512 (as of Mar. 22)   
St. Lucia20,671 
Guyana 25,00 
Belize – 18,182
Dominica –  15,304 
Turks & Caicos Islands – 12,935 (as of Mar. 21) 
St. Vincent & Grenadines – 11,283 
Grenada – 8,606 
British Virgin Islands – 6,500 (as of Mar. 18)
Anguilla – 5,348 (as of Mar. 19) 
Bahamas – 1,500
Trinidad & Tobago – 1,113*. This figure* is from Trinidad & Tobago’s last update on Mar. 7, which included frontline workers only. Announced Wednesday, TT will receive a total of 173, 600 vaccines from India, China and COVAX in the coming months. 
Montserrat – 1112 vaccinated (1 dose) and 194 persons immunized (2 doses) as of Mar. 17
Credit: Gabby Jones for The New York Times

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