Break Status Quo with New Year’s Eve On A Private Island in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

New Year’s Eve can come with its own set of expectations. Dazzling, lavish, and just worth it enough to post a raucous Instagram story for all your online friends to see. But when we think of ringing in 2022, the thoughts of crowded bars, a boisterous atmosphere, and inebriated party-goers simply don’t do it for us anymore. Especially considering the past year’s shift into mindful and safe travel. This means when greeting the new year somewhere far-flung, it’s tempting to do so at our own pace, with no crowds in sight. Get ahead on your New Year’s Resolution to focus on your well-being by spending New Year’s Eve on a practically private island in Belize with Blue Marlin Beach Resort

Spend Your Last Days of 2021 Atop The Belize Barrier Reef

Just off the coast of Dangriga sits Blue Marlin Beach Resort, perfectly poised atop South Water Caye. Located on a marine reserve, the island entertains wide-ranging marine life right off its shores. The palm-studded island is only a 45-minute boat ride from the coastal town of Dangriga, making the journey to the caye chock-full of vistas of the cerulean Caribbean Sea. Once you arrive, you won’t need to leave the island until you’re well and ready to return home.


Spend days leading up to the New Year experiencing the wildlife surrounding you. Opt for some afternoon snorkeling, making friends with stingrays, bonefish, and even nurse sharks. Go on an early morning bird walk tour and spot prancing sandpipers, stalwart herons, and the bucket-list-worthy red-footed boobies. Want something even more laid-back? (It is a private island in the Caribbean after all.) Throw yourself into one of the many hammocks scattered across the property and simply reflect on the upcoming year. 


Spending New Year’s Eve at Blue Marlin Beach Resort will have you feeling grateful for the lack of crowds and noisy ambiance often associated with NYE parties. Here, it’s only you, the balmy breeze and the chirping seagulls soaring overhead while you tan on the dock. What makes the resort so great for such a momentous occasion is the fact that it caters to any demographic. With its size and on-site all-inclusive amenities, you can bring your entire family or an intimate group of friends. For couples, the magical experience is multiplied tenfold, as you share the obligatory New Year’s Kiss beneath the blanket of stars. (Thanks to the lack of light pollution.)


Skip the tired revelry this year and instead spend your last day of 2021 reflective of what you’d like your new year to embody: peace, mindfulness, and a whole lot of Belize-ing. 

All images courtesy of Blue Marlin Beach Resort.

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