Celebrate Earth Day This April With These Eco-Friendly Resorts

by Giulissa Hernandez

Belize beckons travelers on a transformative journey of environmental stewardship year-long, but it rings especially true during April. With Earth Day on the horizon (April 22), there’s no better time to discover the hidden gems of eco-friendly travel nestled within the country.  At several top resorts in Belize, indulgence meets sustainability. These eco-friendly resorts stand as the beacons of hope for a greener future. Here’s how three eco-friendly resorts in Belize maintain their commitment to preserving Mother Earth. 

Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort

A trailblazer in regenerative tourism in Belize, this Hopkins resort sits hidden between swaying trees and gleaming beaches. Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort is committed to preserving Belize’s natural beauty. In fact, Hamanasi was the first beach resort to earn the title of Green Globe Certified! It then went on to win countless awards, with TripAdvisor’s Green Leader, Gold Level award included. Beyond their onsite organic garden and Pack for a Purpose initiative, Hamasi is a firm believer in giving back to the local community. Plus, the resort’s overall design caters to the conservation of the environment.

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Guests can participate in a variety of eco-adventures, including snorkeling and nature hikes, all while supporting conservation efforts. You can even opt for their Regenerative Package, where you connect with nature and culture wholesomely.

Gaia Riverlodge

This eco-friendly retreat is powered by the natural resources that surround it. How cool is that? Located near a majestic waterfall, Gaia Riverlodge harnesses the power of hydroelectricity to minimize its carbon footprint. So not only is the waterfall providing a gorgeous view and lulling sounds, but it also powers the resort!

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Gaia is also involved in various community outreach programs like the Cornerstone Feeding Program and supporting the Belize Raptor Centre. In addition, the resort is in the process of implementing solar energy solutions, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability. Gaia Riverlodge is proud to be Green Globe Certified, a testament to its dedication to sustainability and community involvement.

Blancaneaux Lodge

Set amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Blancaneaux Lodge is a beacon of sustainable design and conservation. The lodge utilizes a hydroelectric system to power its operations, harnessing the energy of the Privasson Creek in an eco-friendly manner. Beyond energy conservation, Blancaneaux Lodge is engaged in numerous initiatives to protect and preserve the biodiversity of its surroundings.

Conscious efforts such as locally made furniture, an organic garden, no air-conditioning, and energy-efficient appliances are just the tip of the iceberg. Blancaneaux also banned single-use plastics and makes sure all their products are biodegradable. Furthermore, they closely work with and support local artists such as buying their hand-made furniture or featuring them as teachers in classes such as guitar and painting. Like its founder Francis Ford Coppola, Blancaneaux is truly a pioneer in sustainability. 

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This Earth Day, celebrate our planet’s natural beauty by choosing eco-friendly travel options that prioritize conservation. From regenerative tourism practices to renewable energy solutions, these resorts are leading the way towards a more sustainable future for travel. Join the movement and experience the magic of eco-tourism in Belize.

Featured Photo by Hamanasi Resort. All other photos courtesy of their respective properties. 

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