CNN names Belize’s Turtle Inn “Prime for Social Distancing”

by Carolee Chanona
Summer vacations with strings attached
Will traveling with strings attached be worth it? CNN Travel names Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn of Southern Belize as “prime for social distancing”. As two-week quarantine requirements around the world become expected amid loosened travel restrictions, summer vacationers will face a new challenge. Is travel with such strings attached worth it?
For many travelers, the answer will likely be a hard no. After weeks or months of being asked to stay home, boarding an aircraft for a far-off destination only to be instructed to self-isolate once you arrive has questionable appeal. As restrictions around the world begin to ease and as economies slowly reopen, hospitality prepares to welcome international travellers. However, it’s definitely not business as usual. Once travel re-opens, it’s hard to imagine what that may look like. But one thing is for sure – things are going to be different. And those differences are, in many ways, going to be good.

Open and social distancing

Besides, Francis Ford Coppola’s Hideaways in Belize and Guatemala hope to reopen by July 1. However, both countries are waiting for their governments to provide more information on reopening. Within this expected information is guidelines on guests arriving internationally, including a possible 14-day self-quarantine.
We like to say the properties are SPF 100 – safety, protection and familiarity. Our Hideaways are the perfect secluded getaway.”
– Hideaways PR 
At around $500 a night for the Turtle Inn in Belize with an option to charter a private flight for maximum seclusion, that SPF 100 doesn’t come cheap. CNN Travel features Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn in Belize as “primed for social distancing”. Announced May 14, Belize is tentatively planning to reopen its International Airport on July 1, as the country lays out its exit strategy from lockdown. To date, Belize has reported a total of 18 coronavirus cases, with zero active cases in country. Additionally, Belize is only one of twelve countries in the world that reports no active cases of COVID-19.

About Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn 

Francis and Eleanor Coppola acquired this beachside hideaway in 2001 and created an idyllic refuge for those seeking a relaxing or adventure-filled getaway to Belize. Plan a tropical escape to one of the 25-room seafront cottages, individually thatched and naturally cooled by the Belizean sea breeze. Just steps beyond your private deck, the white-sand beach dissolves into the clear Caribbean Sea of Belize’s coast. Besides being beachfront, Turtle Inn is also just a short bike ride from the charming fishing village of Placencia of Southern Belize.
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