Introducing The Conservation Issue!

by McNab Editorial Team

The 7th installment of Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle – The Conservation Issue is now available for your reading pleasure.

Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle (CC+L) is a creatively designed publication that caters to those curious in nature and those with a passion for travel. With the world moving at a fast pace, and with publications traditionally static, Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle blends print and digital with multimedia platforms.

Today, the 7th edition of Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Magazine was released at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza and is now available for your reading pleasure in both print and online as an E-book.

Like past issues, the Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle magazine gives a true sense of a destination with an outstanding collection of people, places, and cultures as it shares travel topics, both local and regional.

In keeping readers up-to-date with a new issue published every quarter, this latest issue takes readers on an Eco-friendly Adventure around Belize.

What’s Inside

The magazine is an informative guide for visitors to experience the very best in the country.

The Conservation Issue highlights conservation, sustainability, and eco-trends throughout Belize. Within this Conservation Issue readers can learn about how to break bad plastics habits, how to protect the reef, read sustainable fishermen stories, and hear from resorts such as Belize Ocean Club, Ray Caye Island Resort, and Turtle Inn, that are going green.

Additionally, you can read about the many conservation efforts Belize, as a small country has tackled. Belize is always striving to get through the challenges it faces with unsustainable practices that impact the environment. This jewel has passed many environmental protection laws that aim to preserve the country’s natural and cultural heritage. What many may not be aware of is that this small yet beautiful country of Belize has some of the richest habitats in this world. Therefore, many conservation groups and efforts are moving towards conserving the country’s natural beauty. This new issue brings light to ways Belize is leading the way.

You can enjoy a light read with Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle, available in all Maya flights, Go Belizing shuttles, in airport terminals, and affiliated hotel rooms countrywide. This signature publication is also available online as an E-Book version.

About the Cover

The impressive photographer, Leonardo Melendez, shot this remarkable cover.

The inspiration for the cover is Moho Caye, an idyllic 12-acre, a palm-fringed private island located 12 miles east of Placencia. With its pristine waters and focus on environmental values, this island embraces the theme for CCL’s newest issue. Further, this haven is located on the fringe of the Laughing Bird Caye National Park and is surrounded by crystal blue waters and incredible natural coral reefs and is on track to be #plasticfree in 2020. Certainly, Belizean photographer, Leonardo Melendez, mesmerized us with this amazing shot. Through his lens readers will get to experience and appreciate conservation in Belize as outlined in the many educational and descriptive articles.

The Conservation Issue Launch & Eco Market Place

On August 28th, 2019, Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle officially launched the Conservation Issue at the Best Western Plus. Building on the importance of conservation to the jewel, major players in the industry such as Janelle Chanona – Vice President at Oceana Belize gave remarks.

To celebrate and compliment the launch of this special edition, directly following the launch an eco-marketplace expo was held at the venue.

From 11 AM – 6PM, McNab Visual Strategies, who hosted this event, invited businesses and anyone looking to go green to attend this event as many organic and environmentally friendly product providers, innovators, and services from various industries showcased their products.

To find out more about the Conservation Launch and Eco Marketplace Expo follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and discover Belize with Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle.

Written by: CC+L editorial team
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