Honeymoon in Belize at Placencia’s Most Romantic Resort

by Giulissa Hernandez

With lapping waves of the Caribbean Sea kissing the golden shores of Placencia, an enchanting love story begins to unfold in the heart of Belize. In this bubble of melodic tunes and sea breeze exists the romantic realm of Chabil Mar Villas.  This cozy cocoon beckons honeymooners with promises of unparalleled intimacy. With the month of love gracing us with its wondrous presence, discover why Chabil Mar is one of Placencia, Belize’s most romantic resorts. 

The Canvas for Romance: Chabil Mar Villas

Step into a world where romance takes center stage at Chabil Mar Villas. This guest-exclusive boutique resort is a symphony of sophistication, where tropical gardens seamlessly blend with the azure hues of the Caribbean Sea. Accessible yet secluded, Chabil Mar invites couples into a haven where romance flourishes amidst uncrowded serenity.

Photo Credit: Chabil Mar Villas

Its limited number of villas, each boasting breathtaking views, offers guests an unspoiled retreat to celebrate love. Their seafront villas are heavenly, made with the utmost comfort and tranquility set in mind. Enjoy the view of meticulously manicured grounds from the comfort of your private veranda. Gaze at the sea and reminisce upon the beginning of your marvelous marriage. Don’t reject Chabil Mar’s irresistible invitation to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. Here, every detail is curated to elevate the essence of togetherness.

Dine Amongst Love’s Glow

You’ll need some fuel for all the sparks that are flying between you and your twin flame. Luckily for you, at Chabil Mar, love is not confined to a single dining space. Indulge in the luxury of roaming butler service, allowing you to dine wherever your hearts desire on the property. Choose a moonlit dinner on the beach for an elevated date night.  Or if you want even more privacy, ask for your dinner to be a private feast on your villa’s veranda. 

Adventures for Two

For adventurous souls seeking to explore beyond the resort’s embrace, Chabil Mar offers offshore excursions to Moho Caye. Just 12 miles off the coast of Placencia, this pristine oasis is perfect for a day trip for two. Turquoise waters meet the vibrant coral reefs and hammocks dot the coast like stars in the night sky. Snorkel hand in hand, discovering the kaleidoscope of marine life beneath the surface, or simply bask in the sun on the secluded beaches. Without a doubt, you’ll be creating cherished moments in the embrace of Belize’s natural wonders.

Honeymoon Packages


A newlywed couple proudly displays their rings at Chabil Mar’s garden. Image via @madsss_fiore

Chabil Mar Villas unveils an array of enchanting honeymoon packages, each designed to elevate your romantic escapade. From jungle explorations to blissful beach retreats, these curated packages allow you to weave your own love story against the backdrop of Belize’s breathtaking landscapes. Alternatively, customize your honeymoon experience, ensuring that every moment resonates with the unique rhythm of your love. Choose among nights spent in Placencia, Ray Caye, or even Chaa Creek. The amorous adventures await you!

Photos courtesy of Chabil Mar Villas

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