How Much Does a Vacation to Belize Really Cost?

by Louise Roe

Belize: a destination of wonder, adventure, rich culture and natural beauty. Part Central America and part Caribbean, Belize is a small country packed with grand escapades. Truthfully, Belize is not the cheapest Central American destination, but that does not mean there isn’t value for money. Depending on the length of your stay and level of service you desire, your Belize vacation cost will vary. On average, coming to Belize for seven to ten days allows you to get the best of both worlds – experiencing both marine and jungle ventures. Belize’s lush tropical jungle, vibrant reefs, beautiful cayes, friendly English-speaking people, abundant wildlife and ancient Maya sites set it apart from any other destination in the region. Whether traveling solo, as a couple, with family or friends, there is something in Belize for everyone.

The Cost of All Inclusive Stays on your Belize Vacation

Live out your overwater bungalow or island cabana daydreams at Thatch Caye – an all-inclusive Muy’Ono Resort.

There are many benefits of coming on an all-inclusive holiday, with the cost of your Belize vacation already accounted for with one fee up-front. However, don’t be remiss: Belize is not a destination with your ordinary all-inclusive resorts. When you stay on a private island resort or at a remote jungle lodge, it is recommended to go with an all-inclusive package. This way, you can save your hard-earned dollars by booking a meal plan in advance. Apart from staying at remote locations, it is good to have some flexibility as there are many great restaurants to dine. Particularly on the Northern Islands such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. In the South in Placencia and Hopkins you can also find many great dining options. One of the best ways to learn about a destination is through its food.

When is it Cheaper to Travel? 

Pre-pandemic, there was a distinct high and low season in Belize. Typically, high season starts around November and runs until mid-April. Similarly, the high season coincides with Belize’s dry season. However, Belize has subtropical climate making it a perfect destination all year round with an average temperature of 29°C (84°F). Whilst there is significantly less rainfall in the dry season, don’t let the thought of rain put you off; the rains tends to be in short bursts with the sun peeking out shortly after. Additionally, there are many benefits from visiting Belize during low season. For one, your hotel accommodation prices are much lower, with less crowds.

Additionally, the Belize dollar is the officially currency of Belize set to the US dollar at BZD$2 = USD$1. Countrywide, international credit cards are widely accepted, with some small businesses requiring cash only. Nevertheless, ATMs can be found throughout the country in popular tourist areas. When it comes to tipping, it is encouraged. A decent tip in Belize is between 15% – 20%, at least.

You Decide Your Belize Vacation Budget

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When you book with a local agent, you can decide exactly how much you are willing to spend. Take ROEming Belize, who creates tailor-made Belize vacation itineraries – with your ideal cost in mind. Each travel experience is as individual as the person it is created for. Here, local expertises provide hidden glimpses and authentic experiences into Belize alongside special benefits to complement your trip. Whether it be a special rate, complimentary breakfast or upgrade – ROEming Belize knows just who to arrange it with. Ready to start the first steps to your Belize vacation? Begin with the contact form and your budget, travel interests and preferences. After all, your Belize vacation should never cost you your peace of mind!

Feature photo: Roeming Belize

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