The Vacation You’ve Been Waiting for is Belize this October

by Larry Waight
GAIA DRINKS tropical patio

You’ve waited for the vacation you need (and deserve), which is why Belize in October is exactly what your soul, mind and body craves after the last few months! Come October, you’ll be ready for a much-needed vacation as you welcome Fall with a newfound enthusiasm after months of stay-at-home orders. Choose Belize, and you’ll be glad you did. Particularly, if you’ve been waiting for Belize’s international airport to open – that happens on October 1st. Expect to be impressed by the protocols put into place at the airport where health and safety measures exceed anything you’ve experienced in the past.  

What October in Belize is like

rum punch ceviche kaana

Rum Punch and Ceviche by the pool at Ka’ana Resort. Photo by Quilz Tamay Photography

Belize has excellent tropical weather all year round, though the heat and humidity might be just what you’ve been waiting for. And while it’s still considered the rainy season, did you know that rain not only triggers rainbows but spectacular sunsets? Romantics won’t care about rain once they see these film-worthy spectacles. Nevertheless, temperatures in Belize average around 86.2°F (30.1°C) along the coast and islands, 88.3°F (31.3°C) inland, and 77.5°F (25.3°C) in the hills. What else can you expect during the month of October in Belize? Well, the food is awesome. Conch season typically arrives each October and if you’ve never tasted conch soup, fritters and other delights, this exotic seafood could become your go-to favorite. Unabashed seasonal visitors indulge their palates by ordering conch every time they sit down to dine. 

Tropical Delights Year-Round 

colorful ocellated turkey northern Belize vacation

An Ocellated Turkey! Photo © Francis Canto Jr.

Besides, as the season changes from summer to winter, migrating birds show in Belize with large numbers in October. Some live in the jungles and forests. Others stop over to remind the world that despite viruses and other tragedies, Mother Nature’s creatures stick to their consistent routines. Try to spot herons, egrets and other water birds. Keep a keen eye out even when leaving the airport! 

Explore Belize’s Safe Corridors at Reopening

Belize Reopening for Tourism

Throughout the month of October funfilled activities will all be scheduled for your enjoyment, and you’ll notice conspicuous measures being taken to safeguard your health and wellbeing. From luxury resorts to sightseeing tours that limit participant numbers for safety reasons – this is the new normal. But, it’s likely you’ll appreciate every moment of your holiday more than ever.  You can spread out and visit attractions that won’t force you to stand in line; both because October is typically the ‘low season’ where crowds would be scant under different circumstances. Nonetheless, COVID-19 practices undertaken by every property in the nation keeps guests safe and healthy. This October, only Gold Standard recognized accommodations by the Belize Tourism Board can accept tourists; they have taken extensive measures to ensure guest health and welfare.  

You’ll come to that realization the moment your aircraft enters Belize air space, you peek out at paradise below and realize that you’ve never appreciated a vacation as much as you do at that very moment. Belize looks forward to having you, starting this October! 

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