How To Have A Toddler-Friendly Belize Vacation 

by Gisselle Hernandez

There’s no age limit when it comes to adventuring in Belize, but what about when it entails toddlers? Traveling with young children can prove to be a whole different ball game if you’re used to venturing around the world on your own or with adult friends. Things you never thought to consider before could chart the entire course of the vacation if something’s askew. To prepare new globetrotting parents on how to make their Belize vacation enjoyable for both them and their little one, here are some tips to consider for a toddler-friendly getaway. 

On where to go with your toddler:

sunbreeze hotel - pool with kids belize Ambergris Caye

Trying to decide where to spend your first vacation as new parents can get quite tricky in a tropical climate like Belize. Whereas most people are fine with the warmth and humidity, toddlers could easily get fussy. Consider the islands for a refreshing visit, since the Caribbean Sea is right next door no matter where you stay. The heat is a little too much today for your toddler on their Belize vacation? Take the little one for a quick swim at Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye or the Split at Caye Caulker.

margarita ice cream san ignacio resort hotel pool

Cool down poolside at San Ignacio Resort Hotel: margaritas for the parents, and ice cream for the kids. Image courtesy of property.

If you’re wanting to explore inland Belize, head to Western Belize where it’s also considerably cooler than the rest of the country due to its high elevation. It’s always cooler in the mountains, so finding accommodation there should prove to be easier on your toddler’s skin. 

On what to do:

Rio Frio Cave (9) belize-mountain-pine-ridge-BTB

Rio Frio Cave, Mountain Pine Ridge. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board

Tweens and teens may find exploring Maya ruins or hiking Mountain Pine Ridge as something straight out of Jumanji, but you know what’s not as fun as living a video game in real life? Carrying a toddler while you’re on your feet for about 8 consecutive hours. It may seem doable at first – and it certainly is for many folks – but the parents nor the child will be able to enjoy the sites as much. Opt for less “energetic” tours and try some cultural experiences instead.

Belize Zoo tapir feeding carrots

Feed tapirs at The Belize Zoo! Photo by Duarte Dellarole

By sticking to low-energy tours, you won’t tire out yourself or your baby, plus they’ll be learning something new they had never been exposed to before. Examples of such experiences are the chocolate-making tour (yum!) or the adorable Belize Zoo. If you’re really itching for some adventure in nature, try the Rio Frio Cave, which is an open, dry cave and easily accessible. 

On where to stay:

When traveling with a toddler, it’s essential to pick the right place to stay. You want something with space, flexibility, and the right amenities to make your time as easy as possible. For this reason, condos or vacation rentals are prime stays. For example, La Perla Del Caribe has a suite of vacation rentals alongside the shore in Ambergris Caye. Ideal for families traveling together, these villas range from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom. You can even arrange for a private chef to cook meals on-site. 

Manatee Villa House1_DuarteDellarole-Sirenian Bay

The Manatee Villa at Sirenian Bay

To make things even easier, why not book an all-inclusive package? Sirenian Bay in Placencia even offers Family Style Villas with packages that include meals, tours, and even beach games and toys. The pool is also a perfect way for a young toddler to be entertained splashing around to stay cool during the summertime. 

Other things to consider: 

shark family belize spring break

Photo via Instagram @rtwwithkids

  • Check with your hotel’s concierge prior to arrival if they are able to accommodate a babysitter for you whenever you need them. 
  • It might be better to rent a car while getting around Belize for the comfort of your young child. 
  • Be flexible when on vacation with kids, including a toddler, while on vacation in Belize. Sometimes, things may not go according to plan, especially with a baby in tow, so always leave a little time in between activities and make sure to pack as much sunscreen and water as possible. 
Header image of a family at The Placencia, A Muy’Ono Resort by Endless Family Adventure 

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