A New Nomad: Work Digitally from Home Anywhere in Belize

by Carolee Chanona
work from home digital nomad

Eight months later, the world is settling into a new normal, where home and work life are looking decidedly different. Families, students and working professionals realize that with work hinging on the sole requirement of internet, working from any home is a new possibility. After all, providers of modern technology and high-speed broadband like Digi makes a seamless transition to relocating as a digital nomad in Belize. The world has very quickly adapted to conducting business via various video channels as a result of COVID-19. This technology together with the advent of the Zoom era where has accelerated the speed of the growth of the Digital Nomad Sector.

“COVID-19 has taught us that many jobs can be done remotely. Business meetings can be done via Skype and kids can be schooled from home. Because of this, we are seeing a rising demand for a full service assistance package for families looking to relocate…where one or both breadwinners are able to work online.”

– Lou Vogt of Luxury Coastal Escapes

Why work from home when you can work anywhere, like Belize?

vacasa belize caye caulker

Explore short-term and mid-term rentals with Vacasa Belize.

The traditional holiday market is evolving. Instead, brands like Luxury Coastal Escapes are seeing a trend: families are looking for a new adventure that takes them away from home for a few weeks or even months, while continuing to work. Whether the idea is to move closer to family or friends, live out a previously shelved dream, or simply reside in a region that is seen as safest for now, families are making that exciting move. While some prefer routine and consistency, others thrive on novelty and adventure; Belize offers just that.

What a Digital Nomad can expect in Belize:  

the Bentley Belize City

Apartments at The Bentley in Belize City face the Caribbean Sea.

  • WiFi: With a minimum speed of 30 Mbps and maximum of 120 Mbps, there’s a Digi plan to suit everyone, and every budget.
  • Nomad community: More longterm nomads are settling down in Belize than you might expect. New trends are also emerging for short to mid-term rentals through companies like Vacasa Belize. Looking for a longer term rentals? An apartment can be found through The Bentley in Belize City.
  • Language: English is Belize’s first language, although you’ll likely pick up a few Creole words along the way.
  • Health care: Not outstanding, but not too shabby. Public and private institutions offer affordable services, though expats tend to travel to the US for major medical attention.
  • Safety: Be smart and you should be safe.
  • Cost of living: Super affordable; you can get by comfortably on USD$1,500/month. Although, if you enjoy eating out and the like, you can spend more depending on your lifestyle.
  • Nightlife: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is definitely known for its beach-bars that spill out onto sandy streets with live music. However, nightclubs and bars are temporarily closed amidst coronavirus.

In conclusion, people want to take advantages of being in a beautiful part of the world; a great climate and stable society that works well is the icing on top. Let’s face it: if you can have the opportunity of sitting on a deck chair with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea with your computer on your lap, why wouldn’t you take it? In October 2019, Ookla (the global leader in internet testing, data and analysis) gave Digi’s fiber network third in rank for the Caribbean in download speeds. After all, Digi’s fiber-optic network spans the entire country; you should have no trouble gaining online access.

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