5 Things To Do For The Perfect Romantic Stay at Sirenian Bay Resort 

by Gisselle Hernandez

Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas has recently been making headlines, and for good reason. The Instagrammable Belize hotel has made a splash not only with international publications but amongst enthusiastic residents as well. The resort on the Placencia Peninsula, however, boasts one more trick up its sleeve apart from being the ideal beachfront resort with sprinkles of adventure: it’s a couple’s paradise. Many may peg Sirenian Bay as the ideal all-inclusive family resort, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But the stunning sea vistas, exciting on-site amenities, and ultra-comfortable villas spell out a romantic paradise for lovebirds looking to rekindle or reconnect their bond. For paramours looking to knock their romantic getaway out of the park, Sirenian Bay offers myriad activities fit to be enjoyed as a couple. 

1. Dinner by the beach.

beach dining belize placencia sirenian bay

Nothing spells romance like a cozy-lit dinner on the shores of Placencia beach. You’ll be surrounded by swaying palms trees, tousling waves, and no one else when opting to have a romantic beach dinner at Sirenian Bay. The only thing that could make Chef Enrique’s menu, even more, to die for is enjoying it against a beautiful moon-lit backdrop straight out of a rom-com. End the perfect meal with a bout of stargazing right on the sandy beach. 

2. Cocktails at 360 Martini Bar.

A fiery sunset at the 360 Martini Bar at Sirenian Bay.

Follow it up with a cocktail at the three-story-high three60 Martini Bar offering sweeping views of the property. Each drink is made with care and passion, oftentimes using fresh fruits and juices authentically sourced. To kick up the romance, you can opt to nurse a martini while watching the sunset sink low over the Maya Mountains. Share some tapas with your significant other and bask in the stories of each bar patron. 

3. Couple’s Spa treatment.

Indulge at The Siren’s Spa, the onsite services at Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas.

Unwind as a couple by utilizing Sirenian Bay’s spa amenities to the max. The Siren’s Spa is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation at the hands of some of the best therapists in the region. You can maximize “alone time” by asking your therapists to service you from the comfort of your own villa. Book a couple’s Swedish massage paired with hot stones, aromatherapy, and facials and after two hours you’ll both leave feeling revitalized and ready to take on the rest of Belize’s adventures. 

4. Mini-golf date.


Try a round of mini-golf at Inky’s Restaurant, Bar & Mini-Golf.

Couples who have fun together stay together, so why not try a round of mini-golf? Sirenian Bay has a professionally-designed 18-hole mini-golf course donning hand-carved wooden animal statues and hundreds of native flowers throughout. Finish off your fun date at Inky’s Mini Golf with some famous Tutti Frutti gelato

5. Karaoke or a movie on the beach.

Amaze – or alarm – guests with a no-holds-barred karaoke duet right on the beach. Sing to your heart’s content while looking into your sweetheart’s eyes, with no fear of judgment from other (un)lucky guests. Perhaps you both have perfected the chorus in Aerosmith’s Walk this Way, or have been meaning to try a Bonnie Tyler classic. Either way, the memory of duetting on a beach in Belize will last a lifetime. Not up to belting it out on the beach? Opt for an open-air movie night—sort of like a drive-in theatre, but better.

This list of couple activities at Sirenian Bay is by no means exhaustive. For couples wanting a little more adventure in their trip, the resort offers cave tubing, zip-lining, and even Maya site visits off of the property. There’s more than one way to spend a romantic vacation, but with Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas, the multitude of experiences is effortless. 

Header image via Instagram @brianascotttt

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